• Features vs benefits, pictures with Santa

    December 2012 Veterinary Alternatives NewsletterWell, last month’s issue was pretty, but didn’t translate well to my website. I’ll try again sometime with a different format, for now time constraints dictate the old, boring version. Hope you at least enjoy the...

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  • Performance chiropractic, certification, Facebook page

    Chiropractic for performance dogs This past weekend I was pleased to offer chiropractic exams at an agility trial. It was interesting to see what types of adjustments these dogs needed and see the results of treatment as they performed later in...

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  • Pet stains, warming food, chiropractic

    Veterinary Alternatives October 2012 NewsletterHey, Accidents Happen! And when they do, it’s nice to know what to do about them, isn’t it? Here’s a link to a list of seven pet-stain cleaning tips, from urine on the carpet or mattress...

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  • Fees and recipe

    Veterinary Alternatives September 2012 NewsletterNew Fee Schedule: As previously indicated, I am revamping my fees to take into account rising gas prices, my new certification, and some new business practices. Most of you will be affected very little if any....

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  • Published, chiropractic partners, cooling food

    Veterinary Alternatives August 2012 NewsletterI hope you all have had a great summer and have managed to stay cool. I know my gardens have suffered, but there’s always next year—the gardener is the eternal optimist….Another Article! Another article has come...

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  • Fees and summer hazards

    Veterinary Alternatives June/July 2012 NewsletterYes, TWO for the price of ONE! Since I’m so late getting the June newsletter done and I didn’t want to send out another in only two weeks, I’ll double up on content here and you’ll...

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  • Animal chiropractic

    Veterinary Alternatives May 2012 NewsletterNew Service!I thought you all might like to hear about my chiropractic training. I won’t be fully certified until September, but can now examine the sacropelvic and thoracolumbar areas, meaning from the shoulders to the tail...

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  • Fun things to do with your pets

    Veterinary Alternatives April 2012 newsletterThis month I thought it would be fun to list a bunch of ways to entertain your pet (and you as well). Some are for dogs or cats only, others can be done with both. The...

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  • Pet food ingredients and selection

    Veterinary Alternatives March 2012 NewsletterWhat should I feed my pet? Is this a good food? What do you feed your pets?I’ve been getting a lot of questions of this type lately. This newsletter will be dedicated to helping readers make...

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  • Raw feeding, disc disease in a Dachshund

    VETERINARY ALTERNATIVES FEBRUARY 2012 NEWSLETTERNews:I recently received my advance copy of the March 2012 Dog World Magazine, in which I was extensively quoted in an article (beginning on page 38) about raw food feeding of dogs. This magazine should soon...

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