• Feeding home prepared diets to pets, detox diet

    Veterinary Alternatives June 2011 NewsletterThis month I want to share with you five reasons to make your dog’s dinner, from Donald R. Strombeck, DVM, PhD who wrote the book “Home Prepared Dog and Cat Diets: The Healthful Alternative”. I have...

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  • Case report, ginger, Facebook, cooling diets for summer

    Veterinary Alternatives May 2011 NewsletterVeterinary Alternatives is on Facebook! Posts appear about weekly, so if you want to become a fan, just type” Veterinary Alternatives” into the search box and “like” the page when you find it. Past posts have...

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  • Pet first aid kit

    Veterinary Alternatives April 2011 NewsletterSummer is approaching (I hope!) and with it comes vacations, camping, and other outdoor activities.  If you like to take your pets along on your excursions, you may want to pack a small pet first aid...

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  • Commercial vs home prepared diet cost comparison

    Veterinary Alternatives March 2011 NewsletterOne of my clients recently brought to my attention that she had calculated daily costs of the home-made diets I had formulated for her and they compared favorably with high quality commercial diets.  It occurred to...

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  • Dental health

    Veterinary Alternatives February 2011 Newsletter My, this year is going fast!  Hope you are all staying dug out and warm!  Remember if your pet has slipped on the ice and is now limping, give me a call and we’ll check it...

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  • Networking, training cats, uses for acupuncture

    Veterinary Alternatives January 2011 Newsletter Hope you are all keeping warm this winter!  Remember cinnamon can be used as a warming ingredient in any diet, including your own.  Try hot chocolate with a little cinnamon when your feet are cold—you’ll be...

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  • Treat recipes, magnetic jewelry, digestive upset

    Veterinary Alternatives December 2010 NewsletterAnother gift idea:  One of my clients makes magnetic bracelets, necklaces, watch bands, and BEST YET, dog collars!  They have strong magnetic clasps so you don’t need to worry about them getting hung up on anything. ...

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  • Holistic books, vaccines

    Yes, it’s another one of those Veterinary Alternatives newsletters!  NOVEMBER 2010 Food Energetics:  White potatoes are neutral.  Turkey is cooling.  Stuffing made from either wheat bread or corn is neutral.  Gravy is fattening even for animals.  Green Beans are neutral and...

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  • Itchy skin, puppy update

    I’ve been polling my friends on Facebook (look up my Veterinary Alternatives page) to see what topics might be of interest.  One question that was raised is one I am frequently asked by acquaintances and clients alike:What can I do...

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  • Silence, Missing Link, BNI

    Veterinary Alternatives Newsletter, September 2010Thoughts:Have you ever just sat quietly with your pet, not really consciously interacting, but still somehow feeling a connection with each other? As I type this, my whippet pup lies next to my legs, head resting...

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