• Practice Updates!

    Veterinary Alternatives April 2014 Newsletter Practice Updates!  I am in the process of transitioning from the house-call based Veterinary Alternatives to clinic-based Whole Health Pet Center.  My Facebook page has already had the name change.  If you are on Facebook...

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  • Immune, or Vaccinated?

    March 2014 Veterinary Alternatives NewsletterIs Your Pet IMMUNE, or just VACCINATED? Many pet owners are still told that they need to bring their pets to the vet every year to have booster vaccinations administered.  I think it is important that...

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  • Business progress, video, litter box problems in cats

    February 2014 Veterinary Alternatives NewsletterWatch me on YouTube!Recently I taped a video, about seven minutes long, describing my holistic philosophy and talking about Whole Health Pet Center.  If you are interested in watching this video, you can cut and paste...

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  • Practice updates, breed problems, and case report

    December 2013 and January 2014 Veterinary Alternatives newsletter Practice Updates:  Well, I’m still plugging along trying to get a building and land and open this practice.  Many options have been explored, working on the latest right now.  Still hopeful that...

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  • Practice progress, wellness plans, chiropractic

    Veterinary Alternatives November 2013 Newsletter Well, I’m going to try to get back on a monthly schedule.  It’s been a busy summer.  For now, I think I can keep up, but if I can finally secure a loan for my...

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  • Pentagenesis

    Veterinary Alternatives September/October  2013 NewsletterPENTAGENESIS is here!  I am very excited to introduce this new supplement.  As many of you know, I carry very little inventory at the moment due to space considerations.  Because of this, I am reluctant to...

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  • Services and skin inflammation

    Veterinary Alternatives July/August 2013 NewsletterHi again! Been a very busy summer, but things are winding down.  Accompanied my boys on a canoe trip in the Boundary Waters in Minnesota with their Scout troop, and then spent a week at a...

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  • Summer safety

    Veterinary Alternatives May/June 2013 NewsletterYes, it’s finally here!  This has been a very busy summer, which is great because it means I’m getting to meet more wonderful clients and try to help some super pets become healthier.  That’s on top...

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  • Shedding and new practice

    Veterinary Alternatives April 2013 NewsletterHowdy once again!  Been pretty busy lately, hence the lateness of this newsletter.I have two main topics to discuss today:SHEDDING AND COAT HEALTH: With spring comes, in many breeds, shedding of the winter coat or undercoat. ...

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  • Diabetes, degenerative myelopathy, wellness plans

    Veterinary Alternatives March 2013 NewsletterSpring is on the way! This would be a good time to order garlic for flea and tick prevention for your dogs if you plan to use it.  Here is a link to the product I...

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