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Integrative-MedicineWhole Health Pet Center is an integrative facility.  In addition to the wide variety of holistic therapies, most regular veterinary services are also provided.  Your pet can receive x-rays, have lab work performed, get their teeth cleaned, and have a cut stitched up.  Vaccinations, parasite testing, and many conventional medications are available.  However, options for many of these therapies are also offered, such as vaccine titers to determine if a vaccination is needed, natural alternatives to some medications, and complementary therapies that can be used instead of pain medications or steroids to treat many disorders.  WHPC is not currently performing most elective or non-elective surgeries as a full surgical suite is not yet available. Most surgical patients will be referred either to a local clinic or a specialty surgical center depending on the pet’s needs for monitoring.  However, we still offer support for our surgical patients in the form of homeopathics, cold laser, and chiropractic care.  It is always our goal to offer what is best for each patient.

Along with our holistic therapies, we place a strong emphasis on diagnostics.  Our state-of-the-art digital x-ray machine gives us great images to evaluate our patients and allows us to share the images with specialists easily if needed.  We recommend yearly lab tests for all patients over 5, and twice yearly for patients over 8, in order to monitor organ function and start treating problems before the patient is visibly sick.   Instead of just prescribing medication for ear infections or bladder infections, we take samples to evaluate in the lab first not only to be sure of proper treatment but to allow comparison with later samples to be sure the problem has cleared up.  Any new skin growth or lump will be checked by taking a cell sample, which may be evaluated in-house or sent to a pathologist if needed.  “Wait and see” is not our favorite treatment option–we prefer “Let’s find out and fix it”.

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