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Features vs benefits, pictures with Santa

December 2012 Veterinary Alternatives Newsletter

Well, last month’s issue was pretty, but didn’t translate well to my website. I’ll try again sometime with a different format, for now time constraints dictate the old, boring version. Hope you at least enjoy the material!

Holiday events and ideas:

Dec 8—Best Friends Pet grooming salon at 130th and State Line in Leawood—pet portraits with Santa!! 2-4 p.m. I’ll be there talking about my animal chiropractic services. Confectionery Centre (see below) will be there as well—come check it all out and bring your prettied-up pet for a picture! I’ve posted the official poster on my Facebook page, you can check it out there.

Confectionery Centre—custom dog treats, great gift for your puppies and kitties for Christmas—you can have them made with favorite ingredients or with foods I’ve recommended for health reasons. Contact Dianne Garcia at or 816-885-6688 and you can see her menu in the notes section on her Facebook page at All natural ingredients, locally made, and dogs love ‘em! Single bags are only a few dollars—great for gift giving as well!

Features Vs Benefits

Recently, I was taught that there is a difference between the features of a product, and its benefits to the consumer. I thought it might be fun to take a look at the services I offer in that light. So, listed here in bold are the some of the features of Veterinary Alternatives, followed by their benefits.

Acupuncture—spot treatment of joint pain, overall balancing of constitution, support of immune system, improving appetite, decreasing habitual problems like licking a leg or scratching, treatment of epilepsy….and more! Non-drug way to decrease pain. May improve organ function as well.

Chiropractic—improvement of movement, organ function, immune system function, and nervous system signal transmission; decrease of pain; improvement of overall health by helping the nervous system work better and thus allow the body to heal itself.

Food Therapy—weight loss, use of foods as tonics or treatments for constitutional issues and imbalances, shiny hair coat, more energy, improved strength in older dogs, decrease of itching and allergy symptoms, better appetite in pets because the food tastes better.

Personal Service—by getting to know my clients and their household dynamics, I can better recommend solutions to pet health issues that are workable, affordable, and appropriate for each individual situation.

House Calls—more convenient for clients, pets are more comfortable in their own homes, easier to see how the pet and their family interact and how the lifestyle may affect pet health

Holistic—using natural and hands-on chemical free treatments decreases pet exposure to drugs and chemicals that may adversely affect their health and longevity. Looking at the whole pet and their environment and treating all issues that affect their health leads to a happier, healthier pet and improves the bond between the pet and their family. Non-invasive, gentle techniques are readily accepted by most pets and are less stressful than conventional care.

So, what’s your opinion? Have I missed any features or benefits you particularly appreciate? I’d love to hear your feedback, and also appreciate receiving testimonials I can place on my website or Facebook page.

In Closing:

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season and start to the New Year. Keep your pets safe during the holidays—watch for small items that can be swallowed, visitors to the house that may feed off-limits items or accidentally let the pet outdoors, toxic plants, chocolate and other unhealthy goodies like alcoholic beverages, strings and ribbons, glass ornaments that may be broken, and many more—I’m sure many of you have seen the lists, just a reminder to take good care of those furry loved ones! And don’t forget to spend some time snuggling them and telling them how much you appreciate their affection and company.

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