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Veterinary Alternatives August 2012 Newsletter

I hope you all have had a great summer and have managed to stay cool. I know my gardens have suffered, but there’s always next year—the gardener is the eternal optimist….

Another Article! Another article has come out that quotes me extensively as a result of an interview I did last year. Natural Dog, an annual supplement to the Dog Fancy subscription, is now on newsstands. There is an article about commercial raw diets, and on p. 22 of the issue is a sidebar where I discuss options to commercial raw diets in the form of making your own instead. It’s a really good article and I’m very excited about it—the magazine has a lot of interesting stuff in it—why not pick up a copy? I found mine at Whole Foods.

Chiropractic Progress: I am very nearly finished with my chiropractic studies, which began in March. The last full week of August is my final session, which will consist of a test over the last module (extremity adjustment i.e. legs), two and a half days of review, the final exam for the school on Saturday, then on Sunday I will take the first of two certification exams. I plan to certify with both the International and American Veterinary Chiropractic Associations. The IVCA test is on the Sunday, the AVCA is in September in Oklahoma. So I’m spending lots of time this month practicing and studying…As of September 1, I will start offering chiropractic as a stand-alone therapy in my practice so that is when my new fee schedule will take effect, as previously discussed.

Therapy Partners: And on that note, one way I will provide chiropractic services is to offer it at several locations around the metro area. At these locations, I will ONLY be doing chiropractic—acupuncture and other services will still be on a house-call basis and my house-call clients can also get chiropractic done during a regular visit. But the businesses which choose to partner with me on this venture can offer my chiropractic services as an addition to their regular services to their clients so it may help them draw new clients or at least better satisfy the ones they have. I will be particular about who I partner with. I would like to have one in the Midtown/Waldo/Brookside area, one somewhere in the Olathe/Overland Park region, and possibly one in Independence. I already have one lined up in Leawood on State Line south of 435, to be announced in next month’s newsletter. These treatments will be by appointment only, and each location will be scheduled either weekly or every other week as they desire. SO, if you know a veterinary clinic, pet supply store, or groomer that you think is interested in holistic therapy (or at least open to it) and runs a clean, well-lit, and professional business with a little extra room to spare for a few hours now and then; please ask them to call me if they are interested in being a chiropractic partner with me.

Holistic Health Tip of the Month: It’s still hot out, although there are signs things may cool down eventually. You should still be selecting foods for your pets that take the majority of their ingredients from the neutral or cool spectrum. Look for fish, turkey, beef or bison, barley, brown rice, tomatoes, and duck as major ingredients. In another month or so you can begin transitioning to more neutral foods, and then to more warming ones unless your pet has issues with excess heat in the body. Not sure? Maybe it’s time to schedule a checkup?

Remember my new fee schedule will add an additional fee to returning clients if I haven’t seen the patient in over 6 months, since I will have to examine them as if they were a new patient if it has been that long since I saw them, which will take me longer. They are also more likely to need a more extensive treatment or consultation with that length of time between visits. Just like when you see a chiropractor, regular visits with a holistic veterinarian can keep your pet’s health more stable and catch problems before they become serious.

For more ideas on foods to select from, see the Therapeutic Foods page on my website:

Website: I plan to do some more work on my website over the coming weeks. Look for new pictures taken by my photographer friend Amy (contact me if you need family or senior portraits, wedding photography, or her specialty—classic car portraits—and I’ll put you in touch) and additions to the website reflecting my new chiropractic services. I also notice I could use a few more testimonials, so if you would like yours added to the website just pop me an e-mail with “testimonial” in the subject line!

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