Chinese Food Therapy

Diet and nutritional advice may be offered in order to achieve weight loss (or gain), use specific ingredients to treat various health problems, or properly balance a home-cooked pet diet.  Dr. Leonard is certified in Chinese Veterinary Food Therapy (CVFT).  This is a specific form of nutritional counseling that allows foods to be used according to their energetic properties and effects on the body.  This can mimic the effects of a Chinese herbal formula, but with less risk of side effects and a gentler action.  This therapy can be particularly useful for dogs with allergies, skin problems, and GI problems.  Custom recipes for home-prepared pet foods may be recommended if the pet owner is interested, or a selection of foods may simply be added to the existing diet in small amounts.  While this therapy sounds quite simple, its effects on a pet’s health may be quite profound.

For more information about the use of food to improve health, you can see our page about Therapeutic Foods. However, you should not attempt significant changes in your pet’s diet without the assistance of a knowledgeable veterinarian.  

Other aspects of Chinese Food Therapy offered at Whole Health Pet Center include custom weight loss plans, advice on proper foods or food ingredients, and supplementation of a pet’s diet.

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