Our Team



Our Team

Sarah, Head Receptionist


Sarah joined our team in the spring of 2018.  She has two grown kids and her smiling face brightens our reception area!  She’s the friendly voice answering our phones, making reminder calls, and greeting you when you arrive.  

Sarah has always had a love for animals and likes to interact with both our clients and our patients.  

She shares her home with her Maltese Bleu.  In her spare time she loves to play with he granddaughter Alicia and cheer on her 49’ers.  

Sarah’s spirit animal is a sloth. 



 Bailey, Veterinary Technician

Bailey is our part-time Registered Veterinary Technician. She graduated from the Maple Woods Veterinary Technology Program in 2019. She has worked for this clinic since 2017. 

Bailey tends to lead a busy life. While working part-time with us, she is Raymore’s full-time Animal Control Officer. In her spare time she volunteers with Lakeside Nature Center in their wildlife rehabilitation department and makes all-natural candles.

Bailey has two cats and a dog at home: Rosie, Walter, and Beatrice. 

Bailey has been to Ecuador to work in a spay/neuter clinic and has been to Wyoming to work as a ranch hand. She has experience with all sorts of animals and hopes to use that to open her own wildlife sanctuary. 

As a licensed technician, Bailey can handle many lab procedures and minor treatments on her own, as well as doing dental teeth cleaning, changing bandages, and collecting blood samples.   You may find your pet scheduled for “tech appointments” for some of these things.















Kyla, Veterinary Technician student

Kyla is our newest vet tech (to be), splitting time with Bailey.   She was a student at the Maple Woods Veterinary Technician program at Metropolitan Community College.  She graduated in 2020 and will become a registered veterinary technician as soon as she takes her board exam in the fall of 2020.  Like Bailey, she is trained in many minor procedures like drawing blood, nail trims, and anal glands so the two of them can handle certain patient visits without doctor interference.  In her free time she loves to cook and bake, spend time with her cat, Gunner, and with her family.

Dani, Veterinary Assistant

Dani came to us in December as a job shadower for a high school project.  She enjoyed working here so in May she was hired as a veterinary assistant.  She is a senior in High School.  In her free time she enjoys dog sitting, baby sitting, and playing competitive soccer.  She is involved in multiple soccer clubs as a competitor and coach for younger players.  At this time she hasn’t decided on her plans for the future.  You may meet her coming to bring your pet inside for appointments or bringing out purchases.


Monty, Veterinary Assistant

Monty just graduated from high school and is starting the veterinary technician program at MCC this fall.  She volunteers at our local animal shelter in her free time.  Monty was a competitive gymnast for 15 years, and has 3 dogs and 4 cats.  In her free time she enjoys swimming, fishing, and playing with her dogs. She splits time with Dani helping hold pets, keeping our clinic clean, and working the front desk. 

Beau, Feline Supervisor and Break Room Attendant

Beau is a former stray who came to us when we opened in 2014.  His face tells the story of the hard life of a stray cat with frost-bitten ears, broken teeth, and various scars including his right pupil.   

He has learned that living the life of a veterinary clinic mascot is much better than his previous one.    His skills include knocking small objects off counters, keeping the dogs in line, and warming laps.

If you’re missing a syringe or ball-point pen, ask Beau where it is.  He won’t tell you, but it will make you feel like you’ve done something about it.

His hobbies include food, treats, “making biscuits”, and tormenting small dogs.  He has a minor addiction to catnip-infused toys.

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