Tuesday, Oct. 2nd 2012

Pet stains, warming food, chiropractic

Veterinary Alternatives October 2012 Newsletter

Hey, Accidents Happen! And when they do, it’s nice to know what to do about them, isn’t it? Here’s a link to a list of seven pet-stain cleaning tips, from urine on the carpet or mattress to de-skunk solution. All natural tips, perfectly safe for your dogs and cats! Check it out!


Fall is Here! It has been a long hard summer, but the weather appears to finally be cooling off! If you, like me, prefer to choose your pets’ food seasonally, now is the time to begin transitioning to your warmer ingredients. Adding fall vegetables such as squash and pumpkin to the a neutral protein source like beef or bison is a good start. Or you can add some ginger and cinnamon to the diet to warm it up a little. Remember if you aren’t sure about choosing ingredients or foods with certain ingredients, you can always refer to my website at www.vetalternatives.com and view the Therapeutic Foods page or the March 2012 newsletter or both.

Animal Chiropractic is now available at two locations other than my regular house-call service. On Mondays I will be offering adjustments at Best Friends Pet Grooming at 130th and State Line in Leawood. Every other Wednesday I will be at Man’s Best Friend Pet Resort on Mullen Road in Belton. Let your pet-owning friends know. The cost at these locations will be $50, and is for chiropractic exam/adjustments ONLY (no acupuncture, food therapy, or extensive consultations). To make an appointment, call 913-706-0411.

Social Media has become an important way to network, find new clients, and generate loyalty from existing customers for many small businesses. While I love to feel more like a friend to my clients than just another business, I have to keep in mind that I DO run a business and need to keep up with the times. On that note, I want to remind each of you that Veterinary Alternatives has a Facebook page, found at https://www.facebook.com/VeterinaryAlternatives so if you haven’t yet checked it out and “liked” it so that my daily-ish posts will show up on your own page, please do so. I want to reach as many people as possible, so please “share” my posts on your own pages whenever you see something you like and encourage your friends to “like” the page as well. I post a large variety, from fun pet cartoons and pictures to food and treat recalls to health tips. If there’s something you would like to see me address, feel free to post a question on the page as well. I check in almost every day so it won’t be long for you to get an answer.

Have a great Fall! Remember to get out there and enjoy it with your dogs! Lest you think letting your cats out to enjoy the weather is also good, however, please see this link. Along with the risk of injury, predation by dogs or coyotes, being hit by a car, and disease, there is another very good reason to keep your cats indoors. As a wildlife rehabilitator, I feel it is equally important. The cartoon is a bit graphic, be warned. http://theoatmeal.com/comics/cats_actually_kill

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