• Fun things to do with your pets

    Veterinary Alternatives April 2012 newsletterThis month I thought it would be fun to list a bunch of ways to entertain your pet (and you as well). Some are for dogs or cats only, others can be done with both. The...

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  • Pet food ingredients and selection

    Veterinary Alternatives March 2012 NewsletterWhat should I feed my pet? Is this a good food? What do you feed your pets?I’ve been getting a lot of questions of this type lately. This newsletter will be dedicated to helping readers make...

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  • Raw feeding, disc disease in a Dachshund

    VETERINARY ALTERNATIVES FEBRUARY 2012 NEWSLETTERNews:I recently received my advance copy of the March 2012 Dog World Magazine, in which I was extensively quoted in an article (beginning on page 38) about raw food feeding of dogs. This magazine should soon...

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  • Pet products

    Veterinary Alternatives January 2012 NewsletterWelcome to the new year! Hope it’s a healthy and happy one for your family, furry members included. I decided this month to offer information about some of my favorite products for pets. I don’t carry...

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  • Holiday pet health tips

    DECEMBER 2011 VETERINARY ALTERNATIVES NEWSLETTERHoping all clients past and present have a joyous Christmas season! Enjoy your pets, enjoy your families, enjoy yourselves!This month I want to address some hazards of the holidays that our pets may run into so...

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  • Services offered by VA

    Veterinary Alternatives November 2011 NewsletterJust thought I’d update everyone on the services this practice has available so you’ll know what to tell your friends! Don’t keep me a secret, now! Acupuncture—Using needles and electro-stimulation (like a TENS unit) to stimulate specific...

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  • Pets in wills, Dogtoberfest, practice news

    October 2011 Veterinary Alternatives NewsletterARE YOUR PETS ALMOST LIKE CHILDREN TO YOU?So, how many of you have pets that you treat as well as your children? Or know someone who does? Just like minor children, our pets have few options...

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  • Exercise for pets

    Veterinary AlternativesSeptember 2011 NewsletterExercise and your PetWe all know exercise is beneficial for just about everybody, but how should you exercise your pet, and what kind of exercise is best? Just about any pet can benefit from exercise, unless they have...

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  • Practice ideas?

    Veterinary Alternatives August 2011 NewsletterThis month will be a little different format. I’m hoping many of you who receive this newsletter will respond to it, whether I have been treating your pets recently or not. I am in the very beginning...

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  • Damp Heat, Flame-Retardant Chemicals, Europe

    Veterinary Alternatives July 2011 NewsletterWell, sorry this is so late! With a three-week trip to Europe accompanying my son and a large group of teenagers on a band/choir/orchestra concert tour, it has taken me a bit to get back into...

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