• Business progress, video, litter box problems in cats

    February 2014 Veterinary Alternatives NewsletterWatch me on YouTube!Recently I taped a video, about seven minutes long, describing my holistic philosophy and talking about Whole Health Pet Center.  If you are interested in watching this video, you can cut and paste...

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  • Practice updates, breed problems, and case report

    December 2013 and January 2014 Veterinary Alternatives newsletter Practice Updates:  Well, I’m still plugging along trying to get a building and land and open this practice.  Many options have been explored, working on the latest right now.  Still hopeful that...

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  • Practice progress, wellness plans, chiropractic

    Veterinary Alternatives November 2013 Newsletter Well, I’m going to try to get back on a monthly schedule.  It’s been a busy summer.  For now, I think I can keep up, but if I can finally secure a loan for my...

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  • Pentagenesis

    Veterinary Alternatives September/October  2013 NewsletterPENTAGENESIS is here!  I am very excited to introduce this new supplement.  As many of you know, I carry very little inventory at the moment due to space considerations.  Because of this, I am reluctant to...

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  • Services and skin inflammation

    Veterinary Alternatives July/August 2013 NewsletterHi again! Been a very busy summer, but things are winding down.  Accompanied my boys on a canoe trip in the Boundary Waters in Minnesota with their Scout troop, and then spent a week at a...

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  • Summer safety

    Veterinary Alternatives May/June 2013 NewsletterYes, it’s finally here!  This has been a very busy summer, which is great because it means I’m getting to meet more wonderful clients and try to help some super pets become healthier.  That’s on top...

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  • Shedding and new practice

    Veterinary Alternatives April 2013 NewsletterHowdy once again!  Been pretty busy lately, hence the lateness of this newsletter.I have two main topics to discuss today:SHEDDING AND COAT HEALTH: With spring comes, in many breeds, shedding of the winter coat or undercoat. ...

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  • Diabetes, degenerative myelopathy, wellness plans

    Veterinary Alternatives March 2013 NewsletterSpring is on the way! This would be a good time to order garlic for flea and tick prevention for your dogs if you plan to use it.  Here is a link to the product I...

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  • Epilepsy, chronic stomatitis, interstitial cystitis

    Veterinary Alternatives February 2013 Newsletter This month I decided you might like to know some differences in how I treat certain medical problems in pets, compared to the conventional way of treatment.  I have chosen three health problems that conventional...

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  • Cold laser, chiropractic

    Veterinary Alternatives January 2013 newsletterSorry I’m so late with this one! I got sick with the disease du jour on New Year’s Day and it kept me from doing much of anything for about a week. Can’t really call it...

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