IMG_9718Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical therapy that uses very thin needles inserted into specific anatomical locations on the body.
Insertion of acupuncture needles into these points has several effects. There is a local effect of stimulating circulation, bringing anti-inflammatory chemicals and cells to the area. Also, signals are sent to the spinal cord, causing blockage of pain signals from the area. Finally, neurons in the brain secrete endorphins,  neuro-transmitters related to morphine that cause pain control at the central level. There are also numerous other effects on the body. Side effects are rare and usually very minor, such as bleeding as the needle is removed or some bruising. If a point is very tender, application of the needle may be briefly uncomfortable. More serious side effects such as puncture of vital tissues is extremely unlikely, and swallowing of needles is avoided by constant supervision of the patient during treatment. Treatment frequency varies according to the patient’s diagnosis, but is commonly once a week at first.  It is important to understand that a single acupuncture treatment is rarely sufficient to resolve most issues.   Effectiveness of acupuncture depends on the condition being treated and the expected outcome will be discussed at the first treatment.

Most pets tolerate acupuncture very well


A German Shepherd receives treatment for seizures

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