Other Therapies

Other-TherapiesAdditional therapies play a supporting role at Whole Health Pet Center as well.   Tui-na massage and physical therapy techniques may be utilized and taught to you in order to continue to relieve pain, improve mobility, and treat your pet’s problems between acupuncture or chiropractic appointments.   Herbal formulas, homeopathic remedies, aromatherapy, and nutritional supplementation may be recommended as well, depending on your pet’s specific problems. Behavioral modification and training advice may also be offered either to treat existing behavior issues or to help prevent them through early intervention in our puppy classes.  This in particular may be beneficial to families who are introducing new pets to the home and wish to make their transition and integration as seamless as possible.  Be assured that Dr. Leonard and her staff will draw from the full range of tools in their toolbox to help you keep your pet as healthy and happy as possible!

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