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Holistic Veterinary Medicine

Holistic medicine, by its very nature, is humane to the core. The wholeness of its scope will set up a lifestyle for the animal that is most appropriate. The techniques used in holistic medicine are gentle, minimally invasive, and incorporate patient well-being and stress reduction. Holistic thinking is centered on love, empathy and respect.

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Whole Health Pet Center

Our Mission

The mission of Whole Health Pet Center is to always aim for optimum health and quality of life for all patients while providing an extremely high level of customer service in all ways, integrating conventional and holistic veterinary health care modalities and supporting client efforts to treat their pets like family.

Whole Health Pet Center

Quality of Life

The complementary therapies offered at WHPC assist in keeping your pet healthy. We have a preventative philosophy, trying to prevent disease instead of simply treating it after it appears. With therapies like chiropractic, nutrition, and behavior consultation, we can help keep your pet a vibrant and valued member of your family.

Striving for Optimum Health & Quality of Life for Pets

human animal bondAt Whole Health Pet Center, Dr. Sandi Leonard and her staff are here to help you keep your pets healthy in all ways.  Along with the expected veterinary services, a wide range of complementary therapies are offered to allow for non-invasive, natural alternatives when appropriate.  Prevention of disease is a high priority at WHPC, along with client education to help you understand your pet’s health.

Not Just Another Veterinary Clinic

We pride ourselves on good service to our clients and doing our best to make sure your pet has a positive experience with us.  Soothing music designed to calm pets, essential oils for relaxation diffusing the air, and our own pleasant attitude help your pet feel comforted.  In addition, wellness plans and pet insurance can help alleviate some of the concerns about cost our clients may have.  We hope you and your pet will look forward to your visits.  Let’s have a chat about your pet’s health plan over coffee!  


 Click the picture to visit our online pharmacy, Vet’s First Choice, to request prescription  refills  and shop for supplements or other pet needs such as flea control, prescription foods, and more.  This online pharmacy is as easy to shop as any other online shopping source, and is completely  secure and easy to use.


Click HERE to access our Patient Portal to get vaccine records, rabies certificates, or other information on your pet’s record.  You will use the email you provided us, and your last name as the password.

Click HERE to access our new PawTree store with a great selection of supplements, treat mixes, pet foods, and more! For a video tour of items available in our clinic, see this video

Hours of Operation

NOTE: During the COVID-19 OUTBREAK, our hours may vary from below.  CALL us at 816-331-1868 to schedule an appointment or before coming to get supplies.  We try to post daily updates on our  Facebook page .  Please note we are operating mostly curbside so be prepared to wait in your car while we bring your pet in for exams and treatments.  Don’t worry–they’ll still get lots of pets and treats like always!

Our hours may vary from time to time, so we recommend calling before coming to the clinic even for a purchase.  We see patients by prior appointment to ensure that waiting time is kept to a minimum. Patient visits are between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; noon-5 p.m. on Tuesday, and 1-7 p.m. on Thursday.   Thursday evening appointments will be for chiropractic, simple outpatient procedures, and follow-up treatments for existing patients in order to maximize the number of patients we can see during those times.  Since our new clients deserve a longer visit, we prefer to see them at times when we are less busy.  Give us a call to schedule your appointment and find out how we are different!


"Our Gypsy Rose who is a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog girl injured her left rear leg. After taking her to a vet that recommended surgery feeling she had a torn cruciate, I took her to Dr. Leonard, knowing that Dr. Leonard is a more natural holistic veterinarian and well qualified in the structure of dogs..."


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