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  • Sundowners and Senility in Fluffy and Fido

    Cognitive Dysfunction (CD) in Cats and Dogs Did you know your pet can suffer from senility?  Studies have found that a quarter of pets are so afflicted by the age of 12-14 years, and half by age 15.  This disorder...

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  • Index to Important Newsletters and April Raffle

    Index to Important Newsletters April Promotion: Every pet that receives chiropractic evaluation during the month of April will get their name in a drawing for a great prize!  See our Facebook post for a picture of all that’s included.  We...

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  • The Mysteries of Pet Food Labels, with links to other articles

    When selecting a pet food, it’s important to read the label. However, what’s on the front of the label is not nearly as important as what’s on the back. Words like “Natural”, “Organic”, and “Healthy” are not regulated and are...

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  • Traveling With Your Pet

    We often get calls from clients who wish to travel with their pet (and hopefully travel is something we’ll all be able to do again by the end of the year). However, they may have concerns about the pet’s comfort...

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  • Selecting Good Pet Supplements

    Hey, how are you all doing in this New Year?  Yeah, we’re tired of the pandemic as well.  However, we continue to do business and help your pets to a healthier life!  We are continuing mostly curbside care and find...

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  • New PawTree products and Link to Practice tour video

    COVID update:  We are still operating mostly curbside.  If staff members test positive, we will not allow any clients inside for two weeks after their test (and of course they’ll be staying home).  If the doctor tests positive…hmmm….we’ll figure it...

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  • Facebook Photo Contest this month only!

    COVID-19 policy for the last quarter of the year:  At this time, while we still wish to minimize the number of people entering our building, we will begin allowing one client at a time inside as long as they wear...

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  • The Importance of a Balanced Diet

    The Importance of a Balanced Diet As a holistic vet, it’s not unusual to see patients who are eating a home-prepared diet.  This may be for medical reasons such as for food allergies, skin problems, or GI issues.  Sometimes, it...

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  • Dental Disease in Dogs and Cats

    The Importance of Dental Care Does your dog have “doggie breath”?  Do you avoid snuggling your cat too close because of their mouth odor?  This is NOT a normal thing. Dental disease in dogs and cats can be very serious....

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  • COVID Updates and the Evils of Flexi-leads

      COVID updates: Our clinic will be continuing to practice social distancing and pandemic safety by doing most appointments curbside.  You will remain in your car while we bring your pet inside for the appointment.  For sick pets or more...

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