Wednesday, Jun. 2nd 2021

Microchips and Pet Recovery

June is National Foster a Pet month and Adopt a Cat month.  In honor of this, we are offering a discount on microchips for the entire month.  See below for details!

Did you know…?

  • One in three pets will get separated from their home or lost during their lifetime?
  • 23% of lost pets are never re-united with their homes?
  • Dogs with correctly registered microchips will get back to their homes 52% of the time.
  • Cats with correctly registered microchips will get back to their homes 38% of the time.

Does YOUR pet have a microchip that has current and updated contact information for it online?  Or have you moved and not updated that information?  Or have you not gotten your pet microchipped yet?

A microchip that isn’t readable by a universal chip reader, or isn’t registered online, is no better than not having one at all. Some pets may have chips still registered to the breeder or animal rescue they came from.   If that contact information hasn’t been changed, you may not be able to get your pet back even if they do have a chip. 

Placing a microchip only takes a few minutes and can be done on any trip to our clinic.  Just call for an appointment.  Our tech can take care of this even if the doctor isn’t available. We use AVID chips which are readable by universal readers, have a website you can register them on, and you only pay the registration fee once instead of annually like some chips. 

The really good news?  For the month of June, we are offering microchips at 10% off our regular price of $72.42.  Pay only $65.18 to have us implant the chip and record the number in our files.  The company does have an additional charge when you register your pet online.    Call 816-331-1868 during our business hours to schedule your peace of mind now!




Our Current COVID policy:

Our staff is now fully vaccinated against COVID.   Clients who are also fully vaccinated (2 weeks past your final vaccine) are welcome to enter our practice without masks if they wish.  However, if you are not vaccinated, we prefer you continue to wear one in our building to protect other clients.  If you have health concerns and would be more comfortable if our staff wear masks while you are here just let us know.  We also will continue offering curbside service if you prefer to have us bring in your pet for its visit while you wait in the car. 


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