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Christmas Gift Ideas for your pets!

Holiday Greetings to you and your pets from the staff at Whole Health Pet Center!

Christmas Ideas for Pets

Don’t you love to gift your pets with things they take pleasure in?  Here are some great options!

PawTree Seasonings to sprinkle on your pet’s food are 25 % off for the month of December!  Stock up and offer them a variety of flavors to liven up meal time.   Many of the ingredients have therapeutic value as well, aiding digestion, freshening breath, and more!  Mexican, Italian, Chicken, Beef, and many other flavors are available!  These also act as a vitamin and mineral boost!

PureBites freeze-dried treats for dogs and cats are always a big hit.  This is one of the types of treats we offer pets in our exam room, and are the ones most likely to be accepted even by nervous pets!  They can be broken into smaller pieces if your pet is a little extra-fluffy.  Liver treats are good for liver function, as well!

Chiefs gear is still available.  We have mostly smaller shirts, some collars, and a few toys left.  Hopefully, they’ll make it to the Super Bowl again, so get your pet ready for the big game!  10% off this week, only!

Indigo Wild products will no longer be stocked here, but we still have a few essential oil scented pet sprays and soap products left.  All-natural and smell great!  Last chance to get Doggie soap or pet-safe room freshener!

PawTree dental treat sticks are a great way to help keep your dog’s teeth clean while giving them a treat. Healthy real food ingredients so no worries about processed stuff!  These are also available to order online through our Pawtree store found here: https://www.pawtree.com/wholehealthpetcenter

While you’re shopping the PawTree store, check out their Holiday Gift packs!  Everything from treats to pet cookie mixes to spa supply packages!  For calming, they several CBD products including treats and a CBD-impregnated chew bone.  They also sell pet stain cleaner, ear cleaner and drying agent, and many other supplies made with natural ingredients.  We have a few of these items in stock at the clinic as well, if you’re leaving your shopping until the last minute.

Invest in your pet’s health with dental care products.  In addition to the PawTree dental sticks in large and small, we sell a complete supply of pet toothbrushes, toothpaste, Periosupport dental powder food additive, and even a liquid dental care product for their water.  Our staff is happy to instruct you on how to train your pet to enjoy having their teeth brushed as well!. 

We still have some hand-braided fleece dog tugs of many sizes available.  If you don’t see one you like on display, ask what we have in storage. 

Missing Link Veterinary strength supplement is a great all-around supplement that can help protect joints, reduce inflammation, and provide micro-nutrients that may be damaged in the processing of many dog foods.  Doc Sandi puts all her pups on it when they come home as puppies!

Do your pets get stressed or have loose stools from all the hustle and bustle and changed routine during the holiday season?  We have calming pheromones for cats and dogs with both diffusers and sprays available in Feliway regular or Multi-cat for cats or Adaptil for dogs.   We have herbal Nutricalm in capsule and liquid form, and Composure Pro treats as well.   For digestive upset, our over-the-counter products include Synacore probiotics in daily dose tubes, Goat’s milk powder for their food, and Honest Kitchen herbal digestive supplement which is amazing at firming up loose stools. 

Of course, you can always give your pets the gift of chiropractic care!  All pets should receive a full chiropractic evaluation at least twice a year.  Pets that are overweight, have arthritis, have long backs (looking at YOU, Dachshunds!), compete in dog sports or are otherwise very active, or that have a lameness or amputation that causes a change in how they move can benefit from more frequent check-ups.  Call us at 816-331-1868 if you’d like to get your pet’s nervous system optimized for better overall health and reduction of pain!

Please remember during the holiday to keep your pet away from toxic foods such as alcoholic beverages, grapes or raisins, the artificial sweetener xylitol (birch sugar), poinsettias and mistletoe, chocolate, and others you can easily find online.  If giving them “goodies” from the holiday table, stay away from cooked bones and high fat foods like gravy or ham trimmings, and avoid offering more than 10% of daily consumption in “snacks”.  Also, keep them away from strings (like from the turkey) or ribbons, icicles from the tree, or other long skinny items.  Cats, especially, can suffer from serious GI blockages that require surgery from these items.  Don’t let your pet be part of the statistics of emergency visits for GI upset or blockages the day after a holiday! 

Have a happy and HEALTHY holiday season!







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