Thursday, Apr. 1st 2021

Index to Important Newsletters and April Raffle

Index to Important Newsletters

April Promotion:

Every pet that receives chiropractic evaluation during the month of April will get their name in a drawing for a great prize!  See our Facebook post for a picture of all that’s included.  We recommend chiropractic at LEAST every 6 months for all pets, and many need it more often.  Pets that are overweight, have long backs, have arthritis or other lameness, or are very active in performance events often need it more often.  Call 816-331-1868 now to schedule your pet’s Chiro exam!

Helpful Links:Index to important newsletters

This month, I thought I’d include an index to important newsletters we often refer clients to for more information.

Holistic Medicine and General Health

Explanation of holistic medicine –

Your Pet’s Healthiest Self –

Importance of exams and lab work –

How we are different –

Homeopathy for Pets –

Diet and Nutrition

The Mysteries of Pet Food Labels –

How to Select Quality Nutritional Supplements –

The Importance of a Balanced Diet –

How to Change Your Pet’s Diet –

Problems with Grain-free Diets in dogs – and

Doing Raw Right –

CBD for pets – and see Quality Nutritional Supplements above

Pet Food Selection Tips –

Heartworm, Fleas, and Other Parasites

Common Parasites –

Heartworm prevalence –

Flea and Tick Control –

Heartworm disease and Prevention –

Chemicals and Your Pet –

Chiropractic and Acupuncture

Importance of Chiropractic –

Acupuncture info –

Animal Chiropractic explanation –

Training and Behavior

Traveling with your Pet –

How to Housebreak your Puppy –

Doc Sandi’s Dog Training Primer –

Anxiety –

Litter Box issues in Cats –





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