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Renavast, Cooling Foods, and Homemade Pill Pockets

Homemade Pill Pockets:  One of our clients has a very small dog that gets several medications every day.   She doesn’t like to use the over-the-counter pill pockets because they are so large so she came up with a recipe for her own which she generously shared with us:

1 Tbsp Peanut Butter (preferably organic, NO added sweetener)

1 Tbsp Water

2 Tbsp Flour

Mix like play dough and form into balls around the medication.  You can freeze extra if needed. 


Upcoming Events: 

Canine Massage appointments are currently being taken for Friday, August 28.  Call 816-331-1868 to get your dog his spot reserved!


Pet Safety and Kids seminar, free for children ages 3-12 with an accompanying adult. Saturday, August 22 from 1-3 p.m.  Please call to register the number of children as take-home packets will be provided.  Kids will learn a little dog body language, how to approach dogs safely with adult permission, and practice with kid-safe dogs.  This event is in the seminar room at our clinic, 18011 E Missouri 58, Raymore, MO 64083.  Feel free to share this information with interested families.


September 12, 2-3 p.m., at the Raymore Orscheln’s store, Dr Leonard will be giving a talk about holistic pet care and answering questions about our therapies.  Please note, questions about diagnosis and treatment of your pet’s specific issues can’t be answered as an exam of your pet is needed so an appointment at our clinic would be encouraged in that instance.


September 26, 1-3 p.m. at our clinic, a free seminar about the benefits of Animal Chiropractic. If you are curious about chiropractic, or especially if you are skeptical about its benefits, we encourage you to come and bring a pet-loving friend!


Reminder E-mails:

If you receive a reminder email from our clinic, read it carefully.  These are automatically generated by our software whenever your pet has received certain services, such as an exam, chiropractic, or vaccine titers.  Unless it says a specific date AND time, you don’t actually have an appointment scheduled, but are requested to call and set one up.  If you have made an appointment, not only should you receive an email, but Debbie should call you the day before to remind you as well.  We are trying to revamp how our reminders are phrased to make this less confusing.


Cooling and Warming Foods:

We’ve been seeing a lot of “hot” conditions at the clinic during this warm weather.  These include bladder infections, hot spots, skin rashes, and ear infections.  Often, the diet your pet is on can influence whether they suffer from these conditions during hot weather.  Unfortunately, changing the diet NOW probably won’t help your pet much for this year.  But being familiar with warming and cooling foods can help manage your pet’s conditions in the future.  You can find a list of these foods on our website under Therapeutic Foods in the Resources menu.

For more help in determining the correct foods for your pet, we recommend a Chinese physical exam which will help determine what imbalances your pet may have and what ingredients can be incorporated into the diet to correct them.


Supplement Spotlight:

Renavast is a supplement we recommend for all patients with kidney disease, and may even be beneficial for senior pets before they develop kidney problems.  It is a specific combination of amino acids and peptides that help the kidneys to maintain better function and reduce the clinical signs of kidney failure.  We have it for both dogs and cats.  This supplement went through clinical trials that demonstrated reduction or lack of increase in the chemistry values that indicate kidney failure, and improvement in patient quality of life.  If you know of a pet with chronic kidney failure, it might be time for a re-evaluation of their therapy.  We can do more than just put them on a highly processed big-name prescription diet.


Just a reminder, Whole Health Pet Center has a Facebook page under the same name.  If you use Facebook regularly, we encourage you to “like” and “follow” our page.  We post regular updates on any changes to our scheduling, information about pet food and treat recalls, links to articles about pet health, and much more.  We also have an Events tab on our page where details about our seminars and other events can be found, and shared easily with others.  Remember, Facebook only shows you pages you interact with unless you have us on a Favorites list.  Be sure to like, comment, and share our page posts!


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