Saturday, Jan. 3rd 2015

Canine Massage, Weight Loss, and Dental Care at Whole Health Pet Center

Welcome to the New Year!  We are hoping here at Whole Health Pet Center to see continued growth in our practice as we teach our clients more ways to keep their pets healthy.  Thanks to all of you who referred new clients last year!

If you haven’t liked us on Facebook, remember Whole Health Pet Center’s page is a great way to introduce us to your friends and receive regular health tips, updates on food or treat recalls, and regular information about upcoming seminars and massage therapist dates as well as other events.  Just plug Whole Health Pet Center into the search bar and you’ll find us!

SEMINAR:  Our next free seminar will be rescheduling of our weight loss for pets seminar.  This talk, titled “When Fluffy is TOO fluffy; getting your pet in shape for 2015”, will occur on Saturday afternoon, January 17, 2015, from 2-3:30 p.m. in our seminar room on the SE corner of the building.  If your pet is not being admired for its hourglass figure, this seminar is for you!  Obesity affects about 60% of dogs and cats and is a serious health concern.  Come hear about the health risks of obesity in pets and numerous strategies for addressing it.

TEASER:   Watch Facebook and our newsletters for information about pet portrait opportunities at WHPC!  We spoke to a photographer today who will be looking into options and scheduling and getting back to us about possible repeat visits to not only get your pet’s portrait done at a very reasonable cost but also including a donation to local animal-related charities.

Speaking of charities, thanks to all who donated to our Tree of Love during the holiday season.  We delivered two boxes of toys, treats, shampoo, and supplements to Diamonds in the Ruff and HELP Humane Society this past week.  We still have several boxes of shampoo and Linatone fatty acid supplement to donate if you know of a rescue group that can use them.  Just have them give us a call.

CANINE MASSAGE:  Our massage therapist will be back again on January 16!  You will need to call us at 816-331-1868 for an appointment, call soon to make sure you can get your dog in!  Massage is great for performance and hunting dogs, older dogs with mobility problems, overweight dogs, and dogs that just need a little pampering.  Only $35 for a 30-40 minute massage (we wish WE could get one!)

dog mouth

HEALTH BULLETIN:  It may be cold now, but spring is just around the corner!  It’s time to be scheduling your heartworm tests and buying heartworm preventative, discussing flea control with us, and talking to us about how best to manage your pet’s diet with the seasons.  We would also like you to know that February is National Pet Dental Month.  Since we’re not your usual veterinary clinic, instead of a discount for dental cleanings that most clinics offer, we will instead be discounting chiropractic exams and adjustments AFTER their cleanings.   Animals under anesthesia are unable to protect their joints while they are asleep, and their bodies get manipulated extensively, so it is strongly recommended that any pet that has been anesthetized receive chiropractic evaluation after they wake up.  So for February, we will be offering chiropractic after a dental for only $25, instead of $60.  This is true whether your pet has a dental at our clinic or somewhere else;  just bring in the receipt with you.  Dental care is crucial to good health.  If your pet has bad breath or brown crusty material on their teeth, or redness of the gums next to the teeth, it’s time to schedule that cleaning!

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