• Oak Mites, Online Pharmacy, Holiday Hours, Donations

    Have you tried our online pharmacy yet?  So far, we’ve heard from a couple of clients who have been very pleased with how easy it is to use and how quickly they got their order.  This service is basically an...

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  • Online Pharmacy, CareCredit, New staff!

    [caption id="attachment_592" align="alignright" width="150"] New Employee Pam[/caption] Lots of news this month!  First, we’d like to introduce to you our new employee, Pam Chadwick!  Pam is a veterinary technician with experience in business and pet welfare organizations.  She is learning our...

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  • Continuing Education Pearls

    Debbie and Doc Sandi recently attended a four-day veterinary continuing education conference.  We hope our absence from the office did not inconvenience any of you too much.  This month’s newsletter is an overview of some of the information we brought...

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  • Treats, massage appointments, dog training books, and more!

    August 2016 Newsletter Well, I couldn’t come up with any big topics for this month. I think the heat has sapped my creativity. So I’ll just use a lot of little topics. New KC Canine Dog Treats Made here in...

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  • Pet Myths Debunked, Off-site chiropractic, Planning ahead

    Hi! Let’s have a little summer fun. I thought I’d discuss a few common myths some people hold about dogs and cats—a little education but a little fun, too. You can wow your friends with your knowledge at the next...

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  • Mercury in Retrograde? Acupuncture

    Whoops! Just realized the last week of May that I didn’t get a May newsletter done. We’ve been a bit busy, I guess. We also learned something from a client that we think explains a lot of the troubles we’ve...

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  • Solutions for Handicapped Pets

    Upcoming events and schedule changes Massage, May 6.  Call 816-331-1868 for an appointment.  Your dog will love massage by a certified canine massage therapist! May Seminar- May 7, 1 p.m.  Back Pain and your Pet—Do you know how common back...

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  • Product Reviews and Upcoming Events

    Events: March 18, Canine Massage appointments available with Michelle Sickles, certified canine massage therapist. Just like in people, massage helps loosen tight muscles, free up sore joints, and remove stored toxins from the body. Pets who are old, sore, or...

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  • Pet Dental Chiropractic, Wellness Plans, Events

    Happy February!  Hope your pets are doing well and handling the sometimes cold weather.  If they are having issues, remember things like food therapy can actually be used to increase internal warmth to help pets be more comfortable on cold...

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  • Homeopathy for Pets

    Events:  Remember, you can always check our website calendar or the events page on Facebook (insert links to both) to see what we have coming up. Canine Massage Appointments:  January 15 and February 19.  Call 816-331-1868 during regular business hours...

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