Saturday, Mar. 3rd 2018

The Perfect Pet Owner and other announcements

Updates: Please be patient with us over the coming weeks.  Debbie has moved on to a different job, and we are in the process of hiring two new staff members and getting them trained.  Until that happens, Dr Leonard may well be working the clinic alone trying to answer phones while seeing patients, so wait times may be increased slightly and it’s possible visits will be briefly interrupted at times.  Also, please be patient with our new staff while they are learning the way we like to do things.  We’ve had some great applicants, hopefully you’ll be happy with the results.

Our next Canine Massage date is:  April 8.  Please call 816-331-1868 to schedule a time for your pup!

Dr Leonard will be out of the office on the following dates:  March 16 and 30, April 20 and 27.

Until we have our staff hired and trained, we may be closed on some of these days. If we are open, it will likely be only 9 a.m.-3 p.m.


The Hypothetical Perfect Pet Owner:  We thought it might be fun and enlightening to come up with a description of the perfect pet owner.  We are aware no one is perfect, but let’s pretend for a moment.  Here are things the perfect pet owner does:

  1. Gets their kitten or puppy vaccinated and dewormed on the schedule suggested by their vet.
  2. Keeps their pet on monthly heartworm prevention
  3. Brushes their pet’s teeth or otherwise performs actions to keep those teeth clean
  4. Crate or carrier trains their pet (cat OR dog) so they aren’t stressed if boarded, spend time at the vet, or have to ride in a car.
  5. Socialize their young pet to many different situations and people so they won’t be stressed by new surroundings
  6. Trains their pet to be a good house-mate that doesn’t soil the home, destroy things, or otherwise be disruptive to a happy home, including basic obedience for dogs. And seeks veterinary advice for any behavior problems as soon as they start to occur.
  7. Chooses excellent nutrition to help optimize their pet’s health
  8. Takes their pet to the vet (cat OR dog) at least once and preferably twice a year for a complete physical examination and chiropractic exam, and as they get older for bloodwork to check organ function.
  9. Is pro-active about their pet’s health and doesn’t wait several days “to see if they get better on their own” before seeking veterinary care when the pet gets sick.
  10. Controls external parasites like fleas, ticks, and ear mites
  11. Has identification on their pet at all times, either a collar and tags or a microchip, or both
  12. Keeps their pet on a leash, inside a fence, or in the house (cats) to prevent their injury or loss from being allowed out unsupervised.
  13. When out for a walk or otherwise in public areas like dog parks or while traveling, always has a plastic bag handy and cleans up after their pet has a bowel movement to keep the area clean and sanitary for others.

We are happy to say many of our clients come pretty close to perfection!  If you see an item or two here that are perhaps new ideas to you, feel free to ask us about it at your next visit.  Holistic medicine means always striving to help our patients be healthier and happier—that includes their mental health and the happiness of the family around them in their connection with the pet!

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