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Job Opening, Yoga Classes, Financial Considerations for Pet Owners


We have an opening for a full-time receptionist/assistant. Some experience with animals is desirable, or at least comfort with them. Primarily, we need a professional attitude with a pleasant customer-service-oriented personality. The applicant also needs to be comfortable with computers and phone etiquette. Applicants should send a resume to

Events and Doctor Hours:

Canine Massage appointments are available on February 23, April 8, and May 18. Please call us at 816-331-1868 to schedule. Any pet can benefit, but we especially recommend this for older dogs with joint problems that get stiff and sore. Michelle is a certified canine massage therapist, and she does a great job, especially in letting the pet set the pace and decide what it is comfortable with.
Dr Leonard will be out of the office on February 16 and 23, and March 2, 16, and 30. Debbie will still be in the office from 9-3 to take calls, schedule appointments, and assist with purchases.

New products:

We are still carrying Primal Raw (frozen or freeze-dried) food, frozen goat’s milk, marrow bones, and several varieties of cat and dog treats. We will soon be adding some Honest Kitchen products. Since their dehydrated food is readily available on our online pharmacy, we will only stock single-serving size cups which will be great for trials to see how your pet likes the food, or for traveling. We also plan to stock several of their powdered bone broths and GI supplements, including powdered goat’s milk and golden milk (with turmeric). We may also carry some of the Honest Kitchen food toppers to help finicky pets enjoy their meals. We anticipate having these in stock by the end of next week. Stop by to see what we have—our goal is always to encourage better nutrition for your pets, and good acceptance of the food.

Yoga at Whole Health Pet Center?

PLEASE contact us either by calling, emailing, or messaging Whole Health Pet Center on Facebook if you would have interest in regular attendance of a yoga class in our back room on Thursdays about 11:30 a.m. We have found a teacher that might be able to provide these classes, but she charges $80 per class period so we have to see if there is enough interest in order to keep individual costs down. When you contact us, feel free to let us know how much you might be willing to pay for a class to help us determine what that participant number needs to be. Also, if you have friends that are not clients, but would be interested, please share this information with them and ask them to also contact us. If you leave a message on our phones, include a name and either a phone number or your email so we can let you know if these classes become a reality. Our clinic phone is 816-331-1868 and our email is Feel free to copy and paste this paragraph in emails or messages to friends! We would love to make this happen, but feel we need at least 10-12 people to commit.

Financial considerations and Pet Ownership:

Recently, our accounting firm sent us links to a couple of articles about pet ownership and financial considerations. The links to the full articles are on the bottom of this article if you’d like to read them for yourself. We’ve included here some tidbits.
1. 54% of American households include pets, and the average household spends $130 per month on pets.
2. 76% of pet owners said they would be willing to make financial sacrifices if their pet suffered a medical emergency.
3. Budgeting, saving for pet expenses, and utilizing pet insurance can all help keep pet care from taking a bite out of your wallet.
4. Take 24 hours before making any financial decision that could significantly alter your life, including the purchase or adoption of a pet.
5. Owning a pet is a long-term financial commitment.
Before adopting a pet, one article had these suggestions:
1. Be honest with yourself financially. Don’t take on new expenses if you are having trouble keeping up with current ones like student loan or credit card payments
2. Do your research. Different breeds or types of pets have different medical and grooming needs. Our office can help you understand these differences and choose the right pet for your household.
3. Have both a Pre-Pet and Post-Pet budget. Be sure to include not only medical care, but housing needs (including electricity for tank pets), food, and grooming needs. Will you need a fence or dog door? Pet-sitting or boarding?
4. Be prepared. The second article has a link to an Emergency Savings Calculator.
5. The same article also suggested Buy in Bulk for pet food, treats, and medications. Our office disagrees with this as aging food ingredients are not as healthy for your pet, and medications may expire before used. We recommend not having more than you can use in three months on hand.

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