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Itchy Pets and Product Spotlights

Product spotlights: We are carrying some new products in our clinic!  In addition to our Primal raw and freeze-dried raw foods and goat’s milk, take a look at these!

  • 1-TDC is a fatty acid supplement that has a dual action. The gel caps can be given as any other pill to support joint health, OR you can twist them open and squeeze the contents into the mouth to help with periodontal disease and gum issues PLUS get the same joint support.  We are carrying this on a trial basis after hearing about good results from one of our performance dog clients.  You administer once daily for 30 days, then every other day to maintain.   They are very easy to use, they actually have a little stem you twist off, no scissors needed!
  • Inaba cat treats have been mentioned (with pictures—have you checked it out?) on our Facebook page a few times lately. These are packaged with four tubes per pack, or you can buy a tub of 50 tubes.  The contents are a meat paste in a seafood broth, with many flavors available.  We call it “Go-gurt for cats”.  Every cat we’ve offered it to LOVES it.  Not only is it a great interactive treat the cat may well eat as you squeeze it from the tube, it can offer an option for mixing medications with or stimulating appetite in a cat with health problems.  The same company also sells tuna filets in broth as a treat—they look good enough for us to eat!  Come see our new displays and try a package for your cat—they may well insist you come back for more!  They are $3.99 per pack of four tubes, and right now we have $1 off coupons until they are all gone.   



Not you, your pet!  This is the time of year we start to see a lot of itchy pets.  This year, fleas have been pretty bad and we of course carry Frontline for cats and dogs, and our Bug-Off Garlic for dogs to prevent those. If you have fleas in your home, we also carry a room spray and a safe spray for immediate relief for your pets.  But we also see allergies causing itching and hot spots, mostly from pollens in the air.  Sometimes food ingredients are also a contributing factor, especially if the food has “meal” on the ingredient list or a multitude of processed or artificial ingredients.  We offer several other solutions as well:

Wondercide essential oil spray is now available in two sizes.  This product uses lemongrass essential oil and is safe for cats and dogs. It should be applied to the pet before going outside to keep insects from biting or climbing aboard.  This should be effective in repelling mosquitos and oak mites as well as fleas and ticks, give it a try and tell us what you think!

Cooling diets can work wonders in pets with chronic skin conditions.  We find many of our patients improve by simply switching to a high-quality diet using a cooling protein (like turkey, pork, or fish) instead of a warming one (chicken or lamb).  For that reason, when we started stocking Primal Raw Nuggets and Patties and the Primal Raw Freeze-Dried Nuggets, we chose beef as a neutral protein and all the others we carry are cooling protein-based. Keep in mind any diet changes should occur over about a 10-day period, with a 10% change in diet proportions each day to help their gut adjust to the change.  Not all pets are suited for raw diets, but we’re happy to discuss this with you.  We can also make arrangements to stock up on your preferred flavor, or even order other foods like Orijen that we aren’t currently carrying.  Just ask us!  Pre-orders would have to be pre-paid, however.

Cytopoint injections are now available at our clinic. This is a product Dr Leonard learned about at a conference last year and was excited when it finally arrived on the market.  This is a monoclonal antibody for Interleukin 31.  This Interleukin has only one job in your dog’s body—it is in charge of making them itch!  The antibody injection blocks the action of Interleukin 31 and stops itching within 12 hours.  Each injection lasts at least 4-8 weeks which is often enough to get a pet through their “allergy season”.  So far, we haven’t had anyone need another one in less than 10 weeks.  There really are no side effects although we’ve had a few people report their dog slept more than usual the next day—we think because they can finally sleep without being interrupted by itching!  We can combine this with other exams, chiropractic, or just do a brief exam to verify we don’t also need to treat fleas or infection.  The injection is not cheap, but it’s VERY safe and VERY effective.  We think it’s a terrific alternative to the conventionally used “allergy shot” which is a 3-week long-acting steroid shot with much potential for side effects including increased urination and even aggressive temperament changes.

Lavender oil is an essential oil we often recommend for spot treatment of small itchy spots.  We recommend very pure therapeutic grade oil from a reputable company and can assist you in finding a source if needed.  Application of this oil to a hot spot or oak mite bite can not only ease the itch.  Most pets don’t like the smell or taste of this oil so it can actually keep them from continuing to lick or chew at the spot.  This otherwise safe oil can be used in both cats and dogs.  We even use it on ourselves—Dr Leonard puts it on every mosquito bite!

Douxo line of shampoos: We have started carrying the entire line of Douxo skin products.  These use the ingredient phytosphingosine or PS, which is a ceramide, or fatty compound, that the skin uses to repair the barrier between skin cells.  This prevents bacteria, yeasts, and allergens from getting between the cells and causing deeper issues.  Their line includes shampoos, mousse, sprays, wipe-on pads, gels, and even an ear cleaner.  There is a product type for calming the skin, one for fighting infections, and one for greasy flaky skin or seborrhea.  We’ve heard many clients have excellent results with these products.  After an exam, we can help you choose the best products for your pet taking into account your preferences for how to apply them.

We know this sounds like a lot!  We’re happy to schedule an exam for your itchy pet to determine the best combination of treatments to help them through what is often a miserable season.  Please share this information with any friends you have in the KC area with itchy pets—we want them ALL to feel better!

Remember we have a Facebook page named Whole Health Pet Center.  We also have a Google Plus page, and encourage you to interact with these regularly.  We post fairly often on Facebook and it’s the best place to hear about upcoming events, days Dr Leonard won’t be in the office, and new products. 

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