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Services offered by VA

Veterinary Alternatives November 2011 Newsletter

Just thought I’d update everyone on the services this practice has available so you’ll know what to tell your friends! Don’t keep me a secret, now!


Acupuncture—Using needles and electro-stimulation (like a TENS unit) to stimulate specific points on the body to relieve pain, bring energy into balance, and aid organ function and healing. Excellent treatment for a wide range of health issues including arthritis, back pain, post-surgical pain and healing, intestinal issues, chronic skin issues, immune system imbalances, and many more.


Chinese Veterinary Food Therapy—Using food ingredients and their specific energetic and healing properties in a way similar to Chinese Herbal formulas, but in a gentler way with no side effects. May be as simple as adding a specific ingredient or two to an existing diet, or as complex as a diet formulated to provide the same properties as a specific herbal formula.


Custom home-made diet recipes—for families who wish to cook food at home for their dogs and be sure they are using a balanced recipe with appropriate vitamins, minerals, and ingredients for each specific pet.


Weight loss programs for pudgy pets—combining Chinese food therapy principles and weight loss principles to assist in safe weight loss for pets whose weight is contributing to health issues. May utilize either commercially available diets or a home-prepared diet or some combination of the two, as appropriate according to family wishes.


Behavior Consultation/Training advice—for behavior problems as simple as jumping up on guests in the home to litter-box refusal or anxiety issues. Also early training of young pets to help prevent future problems. This may include teaching the family specific training techniques to use between consultations and/or referral to a good trainer.


New pet selection consultation—aiding people BEFORE they get a pet to make sure they are selecting a type of pet or breed that is appropriate for their level of care, time to spend on the pet, exercise, housing, grooming needs, training ability, family dynamics, and more. This can help prevent an active family from selecting a couch potato pet, or an elderly couple from selecting a large energetic pet, or a busy working single from selecting a high-needs pet. Type of pet and breeds or breed crosses to look for will be suggested.


New puppy/kitten consults—helping to start that new baby off on the right foot by discussing appropriate nutrition, socialization, housebreaking, and training issues. A good start leads to a better life. Breed-related or species-related issues are addressed, diet is reviewed and evaluated, early socialization techniques and beginning training are taught to owners, and general questions answered.


Instruction in home massage/physical therapy—teaching pet owners techniques they can use on their pet after surgery or during a course of acupuncture treatment to continue assisting with healing between treatments.

Homeopathy—occasional use of this energetic therapy can be combined with other treatments to speed recovery.


Herbs—occasional use of herbal formulas, Chinese herbs, and essential oils derived from plants to support other therapies.


Nutritional Supplements—wide range of supplements offered from the all-purpose (and fantastically useful) Missing Link Plus to a line from RX Vitamins for pets that includes everything from minerals to balance home-made diets to those specific to various problems such as cancer, liver disease, heart disease, immune problems, and anxiety.


Holistic health evaluations/consults—This is great for pet owners who just want to have a complete review of their pet’s health from historical health issues to current diet to general lifestyle to see if everything is being done in a way to support the pet’s optimum health and quality of life. Along with an exam of the pet and review of health history, areas addressed will include appropriate weight, complete review of diet including treats, behavior concerns, level of exercise appropriate for age and health, potential breed-related issues, and treatment or prevention of problems.


Chiropractic—Coming soon! Training begins in March 2012, and with each monthly module another type of treatment will be available according to body area. Training ends in August with certification test to follow. Please bear with me as I may need to schedule some patients at different times than usual to accommodate the training. Once each module is completed, chiropractic adjustments will be used as needed in combination with acupuncture treatments.


So, now that you know what I can do, please feel free to spread the word!

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