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Pets in wills, Dogtoberfest, practice news

October 2011 Veterinary Alternatives Newsletter


So, how many of you have pets that you treat as well as your children? Or know someone who does? Just like minor children, our pets have few options if their caretakers are suddenly no longer available. What arrangements have you made for your pets if something happens to you? I have a special trust and named guardians in my will, how about you? It covers whatever pets I may have at the time of my death. If you haven’t made such arrangements, there’s no time like the present! A lawyer friend of mine recently completed training in this specialized estate field. You can contact Danielle Scavuzzo at Scavuzzo Law Firm in Harrisonville, MO at 816-237-8555 or Her prices are very reasonable and I promise she will NOT laugh when you ask about it. Tell her Doc Sandi sent you!



I may be letting the cat out of the bag or counting my chickens before they hatch, but just this morning I completed an interview for an article about grain-free diets in Dog Fancy magazine. It’s supposed to be in the January issue—I should be able to share more details at a later time. Very exciting! Guess all this extra training in nutrition is paying off!



As mentioned previously, I am slowly making progress towards opening a full-service practice with a colleague to handle the conventional side of veterinary care while I handle the holistic stuff, combining the talents of both of us to optimize the health of all our patients. I have finished reading “Business Plans for Dummies” since vets really aren’t taught much about running a business in vet school. Now I will actually put together a rough plan so I have something formal to present to a prospective “partner” to work with on this. I have one in mind, hope they are amenable because they practice a high quality of medicine with fantastic client relations and a dedicated staff, and are open minded about holistic services—all important details to consider! If you are so inclined, say a little prayer that this will head in the right direction. Also, I am still eager to hear from all of you as far as your suggestions for this practice.

Here are some questions I am seeking answers to:

1. How far are people willing to drive for full-service care for their pets that includes holistic care and the very highest level of client service?

2. How important to you are online details such as prescription refills, appointments, and email contact with doctors?

3. What do you look for in a veterinarian—highest priority, deal-breakers, or things that you don’t care about one way or the other?

4. Are there particular products that you would like to see available for purchase in the way of holistic or natural lines?

Feel free to email me at with any and all input. I don’t promise to incorporate all suggestions, but I will certainly listen and try to come up with a practice that will best serve my clients and patients.


Finally, if you are in the KC area, Veterinary Alternatives will be sharing a booth with Deb’s Magnetic Creations (magnetic dog collars and jewelry for pain relief) at Dogtoberfest at Lake Jacomo north of Lee’s Summit from 10-4 on Sunday, October 16. Admission to the festival is a donation of pet food for animal shelters, and there are lots of great doggie activities to see, plus you can bring your dog with you! Come see us! More information can be found at

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