Monday, Apr. 7th 2014

Practice Updates!

Veterinary Alternatives April 2014 Newsletter

Practice Updates!  I am in the process of transitioning from the house-call based Veterinary Alternatives to clinic-based Whole Health Pet Center.  My Facebook page has already had the name change.  If you are on Facebook regularly and haven’t been seeing the posts, be sure to visit the Whole Health Pet Center page (you should be able to find it listed among pages you’ve liked) and make sure under “Liked” in the top right under the cover photo you click “Get notifications” and you can also click “Follow”.  That should help ensure you see my posts, which occur at least once a day.  Interacting with my posts by liking, commenting, and sharing will also help them turn up in your timeline.

Currently, the building is waiting for my builder to start renovations.  These should take about a month,  and during that time my office manager Debbie and I will be busy learning to use the practice management software (once I decide which program we’ll be using), getting in inventory and putting it away,  working on the operations manual, and generally getting ready to open.  I hope to be opening the doors for appointments in early May with a grand opening to be announced in late May or early June.   Many things are in progress—equipment choosing and financing, signage, renovation plans, credit card processing, internet and phone service, etc.  There is SO much to do!  I hope all of you have plans to come see the practice and get on our customer list once we open.

My new website will be up and running in about a week or so.  At that time the old site will redirect you if you visit it.  I have retained all the old information but the newsletters are now in blog form and everything has been streamlined, reorganized, and I think it looks great!  The new site will be but remember it’s not awake yet!  Along with that I will have a new email, although you’ll still be able to reach me at the old one.  But if you’d like to add it to your address books and contact lists, my new email will be and the new clinic phone number will be 816-331-1868.  Just don’t toss the old ones yet!  Also, the new clinic address is 18011 E St Rte 58, Raymore, MO 64083.  It’s such a beautiful spot, surrounded by pastures, and far enough off 291 to be fairly quiet but still very easily accessible.  In the next couple of weeks I’ll be planting some flowers and making everything outside look nice.

Health News:  Just a reminder that I have supplements and ideas to help almost any problem your pet may have.  Featured this month is the liquid herbal product Nutricalm.  This product contains herbs that are calming and relieve anxiety.  It’s great for pets that get stressed with travel, showing, storms, fireworks, or houseguests.  It is non-sedating so your pet retains their alertness for training to help them get over their fears.  It may not take away all their fears but it takes off that edge to help you teach them not to be so afraid, which I can also help with.  And it tastes great! (If you’re a dog or like liver). 


For now:  913-706-0411;

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2 Comments on “Practice Updates!”

  1. Roxanne Kidwell Says:

    I have been going to LS Animal Hosital, seeing Dr Valerie Partch.
    Couple months ago she took an x-ray of Emma’s back and L3/4 had herniated disc. She still isn’t feeling better. I would love to get her into a chiropractor’s office.

  2. Doc Sandi Says:

    We would be happy to see Emma! We not only have chiropractic, but also cold laser and acupuncture which may be beneficial. Please call 816-331-1868 if you’d like to set up an appointment.

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