Friday, Dec. 4th 2020

New PawTree products and Link to Practice tour video

COVID update:  We are still operating mostly curbside.  If staff members test positive, we will not allow any clients inside for two weeks after their test (and of course they’ll be staying home).  If the doctor tests positive…hmmm….we’ll figure it out, we guess.  We would still be able to do tech appointments, and maybe some telemedicine, but would likely have limited hours under those circumstances.

PawTree Selection:

We now offer a large selection of items from PawTree.  These supplements, foods, treats, and sanitation items are of healthy ingredients, no corn/wheat/soy, no added sugars or sweeteners, no artificial ingredients, and widely accepted by many pets.

See our Facebook posts for pictures and pricing, or call the office, or see  You can order directly from the website and have it shipped to your home.  Some of our favorite items are the treat mixes (and the holiday gift boxes with cookie cutters to go with them—in stock NOW in our clinic, but limited quantities), seasoning mixes to flavor your pet’s food, and the CBD treats and chew bone!

Finally, here’s a link to a video of what we currently have in stock.  Call us at 816-331-1868 to ask about pricing on any of these items.  They make great Christmas gifts!  You can buy them from us or the website above. 

Christmas Promotion: You may need to remind us… but we have a free toy for a Christmas present for all patients who schedule a chiropractic exam during the month of December. Appointment required, let us know if you’d like to add chiro to your existing appointments if you like.

Video Practice Tour:

We’ve had a lot of new clients since the pandemic began.  Many have not even seen the inside of our building!  We miss having you all come inside, but please know your pets are less stressed than you think, for the most part.  In an unscientific poll on a veterinarian group, most veterinarians agreed that pets coming in without their owners are usually (not all, but a strong majority) calmer and better behaved than when their owners are in the room with them.  I guess this is a lesson in how pets can pick up on our energies—if you’re nervous, or expect them to be, they’ll oblige you!  Food for thought after things open back up, I guess. 

Anyway, since we imagine many of you are curious about what our practice is like inside, we decided to do a video tour and introductions of our staff.  You can see it on YouTube on our Whole Health Pet Center channel.  Here’s the link: It’s about five minutes long.  Our goal was two, but you know how it is. Ignore how anxious the whippet is—Tally is Doc Sandi’s baby and he’s a bit neurotic in a new situation like being put on the exam table without Mom doing the examining. 



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