Friday, Oct. 2nd 2020

Facebook Photo Contest this month only!

COVID-19 policy for the last quarter of the year:  At this time, while we still wish to minimize the number of people entering our building, we will begin allowing one client at a time inside as long as they wear a mask covering mouth and nose the entire time they are inside.  We will not allow face shields.  In general, we will still prefer that only clients whose pets have more complex issues or need a longer consult come inside and we’ll try to have most other transactions take place over the phone as they have been.   Many of these visits will take place in our waiting room rather than our exam room, for better social distancing.  We will try to space appointments in such a way as to allow some disinfecting between clients entering the building.  If you are not comfortable coming inside, we are perfectly happy to remain curbside for your visit.   We are just trying to adjust for possible upcoming bad weather in the fall and winter months.  Please let us know in advance if you wish to come inside.

NEW FACEBOOK CONTEST!  Win a free chiropractic evaluation for one pet! How?

1.      LIKE our Facebook page

2.      FIND the post where we announce the fall photo contest—it is pinned as the first post on the page.  It will have a picture of Dr Leonard’s dogs in a fall scene. LIKE THIS POST.

3.      TAKE A PICTURE AT OUR PHOTO STATION.  Weather permitting.  This will be set up during regular business hours just behind the wooden fence near our front door. It consists of a backdrop (you’ll have several to choose from), a straw bale, and a chair with our skeleton Mr Bones and his dog Skelly.  You may arrange these as you desire, and you may include one or more pets or even take a selfie with you, your pet, your kids, or any combination!  We don’t care, as long as the picture is at our photo station.  Of course, we do prefer your pet be in the picture! 

4.      POST your picture AS A COMMENT on the Facebook post announcing the contest.

5.      SHARE your photo from our page post and ask people to come to our page to vote by liking your photo.  If there is no “share” on the comment with your photo, then share the contest post as a link in the caption or comments of your photo when you post the picture so they know what picture to look for.  They do not have to like our page, though we’d love if they did!  In order to LIKE your photo in the correct location, they need to come to our page to do so, not on your own.

6.      The contest will run October 1-31.  In early November, we’ll check all entries.  The winner will be the one who has liked our page, liked the contest post, posted a picture, and received the most “likes” under their photo. 

7.      While you’re here taking the picture (which you do not need an appointment to do unless you want your pet seen by the doctor), let us know if you need any medication refills, supplements, or want to get some treats or Chief’s gear for your pet.  If you call us in advance, we’ll even have it all ready for you!

8.      Not on Facebook? Feel free to use the photo station anyway for cute pictures of your pets!


Dr Leonard has been watching presentations of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association online conference.  She’s learning lots of new things about how to help keep your pets healthy and is considering some new products and treatment modalities.  We’ll keep you posted!

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