Tuesday, May. 2nd 2017

Client Portal, New Products, and Heartworms

New Products:  Highlighted this month is a new addition to our retail store.  Dr Leonard has loved the Missing Link line of products for over 20 years.  Their Missing Link Plus powder is a great supplement to reduce inflammation and help with skin and joint problems.  Her dogs are on it daily for their whole lives.  The company has now introduced a new daily treat with all the wonderful supplemental nutrition of the original powdered product in a teeth-cleaning chewable!  In addition to the Omega-3’s, glucosamine, and other great nutrients, they also contain a patented form of Vitamin C to support gum health in a chew with ridges to help clean teeth.   There are different sizes for smaller or larger dogs, and formulas for skin or joint health.  Stop in today and pick up a bag to try out!

Important Dates:  Next Canine Massage date is June 2.  Call us at 816-331-1868 during business hours for an appointment for your dog with Michelle Sickles, a certified canine massage therapist

Dr Leonard will be out of the office Fridays June 16 and 30.  Please plan your appointments accordingly. 

New Client Portal: We now have the ability for our existing clients to do the following:

1) Print Rabies Certificates from anywhere (Especially helpful when boarding at a facility)

2) Print Spay/Neuter Certificates (E.g. For SPCA)

3) Vaccination History (Especially helpful when boarding at a facility)

4) Requesting Appointments at your clinic

How to access the CLIENT PORTAL

Use only GOOGLE CHROME to access the client portal.
You can log in using the following credentials:

Secure Login site: https://new.onwardvet.com/

Login Id: the email you provided to us

Your password is your last name.

Login by going to: https://new.onwardvet.com then clicking on Customer Login and using the email address and your last name as it is stored in our system.  If you aren’t sure how we have it recorded, or have changed your last name, just give us a call and we’ll either change it to suit you or let you know how we have it recorded.

Please note that if you are requesting an appointment, we will get an email, then have to check and see if we have any openings of the appropriate length at the time you request, then reconnect with you to let you know what times we have available near your requested time.  Your appointment is NOT confirmed until you have actually spoken with us at our office.  If you need a faster turn-around on when your appointment is, we encourage you to just call us during business hours.  Phone tag can really slow down the process!  We mention this to hopefully avoid assumptions that you have an appointment at the time you requested, only to arrive and find out we are booked for the next several hours.  We don’t want anyone to have to wait, which is why we schedule our appointments so carefully.

 Heartworm Season is well underway in the Kansas City area.  Mosquitos carry this parasite, which spreads through the blood stream until the larval worms settle into the heart to grow up and produce more tiny larvae for the mosquitos to carry to other dogs.  These worms are quite large, several inches long at maturity, so can cause quite a bit of damage to the heart and major blood vessels.  Ultimately, infection by these worms can lead to heart failure, lung damage, and death. Prevention is SO simple—just give a monthly prevention after your pet is tested to make sure they are negative.  We have prevention for both cats and dogs.  We get many questions about “natural” alternatives or different dosing schedules.  So far, there have been NO truly scientific studies proving effectiveness of herbs, essential oils, or alternative dosing schedules in completely preventing heartworms.  For that reason, we strongly recommend monthly, year-round dosing of a monthly preventive product following a negative heartworm test.  We recently shared a map of heartworm incidence nationwide by the American Heartworm Society on our Facebook page.  We encourage you to view it if you have doubts about the importance of this simple step to keeping your pet healthy. 

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