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Silence, Missing Link, BNI

Veterinary Alternatives Newsletter, September 2010


Have you ever just sat quietly with your pet, not really consciously interacting, but still somehow feeling a connection with each other? As I type this, my whippet pup lies next to my legs, head resting on my knee. When I turn to look at him, he lifts his head and looks into my eyes. We are making a connection without a word spoken. I have found with my patients that my mental outlook, my thoughts even, speak more loudly to them than my actions. When I am calm and at peace with myself, so are my patients. When I am feeling rushed or agitated, my patients are less cooperative. When I learned acupuncture, several instructors spoke of “intention”. The importance of a mind-set when you work with animals is profound.

From this month’s online Yoga Journal update by Catherine Ingram:

“This quiet does not suggest that one no longer speaks, cries, laughs, or shouts. It’s a quietness of heart rather than an imposed cessation of speech or activity. It is the recognition of a depth in each of us that has never spoken, a quiet that simply allows anything to arise and pass through the mental landscape. Rather than straining to try to silence our minds (a practically hopeless task), we can simply relax into the quiet that contains the mind; then we become more accustomed to noticing the quiet rather than fixating on the noise of mostly useless thoughts. The habit of relaxing into the still center of pure presence, no matter what the mind may be doing, becomes an effortless living meditation, rather than an effort to meditate and still the mind.”

If you’ve been feeling rushed lately, with back-to-school, changes in work schedule, traffic problems, or other interruptions to your mental peace, try just finding the stillness in your mind. See if you can go an hour, a morning, a day, without speaking and just let your thoughts be. Take what comes, deal quietly with it, then let it go. Shanti is peace. Shanti to you.

Patient Updates:

Just thought it might be fun for you to hear about a few of my recent patients.

While Santana still isn’t crazy about acupuncture, he’s doing better at sitting quietly and his back pain is pretty much gone. He’s just on a maintenance schedule now, and we hope he doesn’t have any more of those episodes so common to dachshunds.

Piper’s epilepsy, Keiko’s shaky back legs, and Ivan’s rear-end weakness have all responded to supplementation of an egg a few times a week into their diets. Whole egg is a blood tonic, and blood deficiency (Chinese medicine-wise) contributes to all these problems, as well as dry skin, flaky hair-coat and anemia. In addition, Piper gets dry ginger powder on her food now and this has helped noticeably with her fecal accident problems that are a result either of her epilepsy or the medication for it.

Rajah the horse (no, I don’t normally treat horses, but he’s mine) has seen a noticeable decrease in his chronic diarrhea since initiating food therapy and Chinese herbs. He had it for over a year, and it didn’t respond to two different conventional medications (including steroids). He is now gaining weight and looking much better. Soon his case will be submitted to finish my certification in food therapy. Besides an herbal medicine, he gets oats soaked for 24 hours (warming, pre-digested), pumpkin (spleen qi tonic and warming), Missing Link (flax seed), vitamins, and garlic among other things. He has to be fed twice daily and that may increase to three times daily as cold weather tends to aggravate his spleen qi deficiency and make the diarrhea worse.

Dixie’s rear-leg pain has gotten much improved from her acupuncture, and she recently had an emergency house call after being attacked by two larger dogs in her front yard. She was not badly injured, but had some bruising and swelling plus was mentally very distressed. A few needles for pain and to calm the “shen” (spirit) plus an injection of a homeopathic remedy for trauma made her feel much better.

Lexi and Cali are both larger dogs I’ve recently started treating for arthritis in the hips plus the commonly related back/shoulder pain caused by shifting of the weight forward to relieve pressure on the sore joints. It’s early to tell for both but they seem to be responding with increased playfulness and ability to get up without stiffness.


Product Spotlight:

As cold weather approaches and our older pets start to feel the changes by stiffening up, I want to remind you about Missing Link Plus with Glucosamine. I already have the pup on it, to protect his joints as we go into agility training and competition. Glucosamine is a proven joint aid which increases mobility and decreases pain in arthritic joints. Veterinary strength Missing Link Plus contains 750 mg per Tbsp, a much higher amount than over-the-counter products. This ground flax seed product also contains liver for flavor and numerous other food ingredients such as spirulina, Vitamin B’s, garlic, yucca schidigera, brewer’s yeast, and kelp which provide minerals and powerful anti-inflammatory or anti-oxidant effects to the body. It is freeze-dried rather than cooked, which preserves the nutrients and comes in a vacuum-packed foil bag. I’ve used this supplement for over 10 years now in my dogs and horses and cannot recommend it highly enough. It also comes without glucosamine for younger dogs or those with problems mainly with skin issues and allergies. There is also a cat formula available. I carry all these products—contact me if you want to try some. Be warned, your older dogs may get more demanding of playtime and attention after a couple of weeks!

Business Opportunity:

If you or anyone you know runs a business, especially in the south KC/Cass County area, and would be interested in joining BNI ( to increase business through networking and word-of-mouth referrals, let me know. Business representatives may attend a meeting of BNI up to twice as a guest of a member to see if it is a good fit for their business marketing strategy. My meetings are on Thursday mornings in Harrisonville and I would be happy to introduce interested businesses to this opportunity, which has proven to be an effective marketing tool for me. I get no monetary benefits for this invitation, only the possibility of increased referrals as our chapter grows. If Harrisonville is not a good location for them, we can help them find a chapter near them after visiting. Only one person from each type of business is allowed, so it is possible to lock out your competition. In particular, our chapter could use a photographer, restaurant, plumber, and heating/cooling specialist but anyone is welcome to attend as my guest. Interested parties can contact me at the e-mail or phone number below.

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