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Veterinary Alternatives January 2012 Newsletter

Welcome to the new year! Hope it’s a healthy and happy one for your family, furry members included. I decided this month to offer information about some of my favorite products for pets. I don’t carry most of these in my inventory, except the Missing Link, so I offer this as professional reviews of products you might find useful.

Missing Link Plus with Glucosamine—A powdered freeze-dried ground flaxseed-based supplement. Encourages shiny coat, healthy skin, decreases inflammation of chronic problems, high fiber for GI health, plus the glucosamine to lubricate joints and decrease or prevent arthritis pain. My all-time favorite supplement, I even put pups on it before they start agility training. I’ve used it for 15 years, hope it’s around forever! Veterinary strength formula is available from me and other vets. shows all their varieties, including for birds and horses.

Greenies—My dogs live for their after-breakfast Greenie. We call it “Timmy”, as in “What is it, Lassie? Is Timmy in the well?” because of their intense desire to receive one. Chlorophyll helps with breath/GI odors, the texture and chewing action assists in keeping teeth clean. New veterinary formula contains fish oil, Omega 3 fatty acids for cognitive health, antioxidants for the immune system, and minerals for metabolic health. Or you can get the regular ones at just about any pet supplier.

Costco dog treats and canned food—Bet this one surprised you! Kirkland brand canned dog food, Premium Pet duck sticks, Cadet real duck treat Gourmet dog treats, and Carolina Prime Pet salmon jerky. All reasonably natural products with a minimum of additives, chemicals, preservatives, etc. The canned dog food has no “meal” until the fifth ingredient which makes it better than practically any other brand of a similar price. Not as good as home-made but for the convenience and price, not bad at all.

Indigo Wild products—These products are mostly for people, but they also have a line of pet products including a body spray, shampoo bar and liquid shampoo, and candle to reduce odors. Note these are for dogs, as the essential oils used to scent them are not appropriate for cats. All natural, made in Kansas City BY HAND, and the scents are fantastic. If you’re not familiar with their people stuff, check them out!

Thundershirts—I have several clients who have used these and found them very effective. It looks similar to a doggie t-shirt and the compressive fit acts like swaddling an infant to comfort dogs with anxiety. It was intended for dogs with thunderstorm phobias but I have found it to be useful for any anxieties, including car rides, vet visits, and boarding. Several sizes and color choices. Available in Belton at Man’s Best Friend Pet Resort, large pet box stores, and online at

Dog Puzzles—Go to and do a search under “Pet Supplies” for “dog puzzles”. There are a number of varieties. If you have a dog that is destructive when bored, or just high-energy, you might give these a look. Most are food oriented, where you hide food and the dog has to manipulate the puzzle in various ways to get it out. Great time-occupier! Be sure to check the reviews for various products to make sure it’s sturdy enough for your dog and appears to be safe (as in no parts small enough to swallow). Many are not cheap, but if they save you buying a new couch or door…well, you get the picture.

Cat feeder—Catit Design Senses Treat Maze found on Amazon at I’ve ordered one, haven’t gotten it yet but know someone who uses one and is very pleased. Check the reviews, but I recommend both for cats who need something to keep them out of trouble and especially for overweight cats. Having to work for their food and eat more slowly can only be a good thing!

Doggie stairs—Found a bunch at Amazon by searching Pet Supplies for “dog stairs” but I know they are available from many other places as well, so shop around for what seems the best fit for your pet and your décor. These are a great way for dogs with limited mobility, weight problems, or potential back problems to assist them in getting up on their favorite couch or your bed without having to jump and possibly injure themselves. Make sure they are sturdy enough for your pet’s weight and have a non-slip surface. I also recommend this sort of thing for larger dogs that have trouble getting into cars.

Tough dog toys –—Some people have dogs that can be very destructive to most dog toys. These toys are not totally indestructible but they’re closer than most. The aliens are particularly cute. and look for Tuffy’s Pet Toys. Very strong materials, bound edges, I guarantee it will last longer than the fleece toys from the pet store.

Springtime, Inc Bug-Off Garlic—My favorite flea control product. If you already have a flea problem, I would still recommend a couple of months of Frontline or a similar product just to get rid of them, as I think the Garlic is better as a preventative than an actual flea killer. I use this product starting in about April and through October in the Kansas City area, but if you live in a warmer climate you may wish to use it year-round. Do NOT use in cats as they are sensitive to garlic, but you can use safely on dogs in the same household and if the cats are indoor cats (as they should be) they should remain free of fleas since the dogs won’t be bringing them in. Found at I’ve used it two summers now with no fleas or ticks on my dogs, and not had to use any other products.

Hope all these links work, I’ve never tried inserting hyperlinks into a document like this before and who knows what will happen when I e-mail it out or transfer it to my website.

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