Friday, Oct. 14th 2016

Online Pharmacy, CareCredit, New staff!


New Employee Pam

Lots of news this month!  First, we’d like to introduce to you our new employee, Pam Chadwick!  Pam is a veterinary technician with experience in business and pet welfare organizations.  She is learning our front desk work as well as assisting Dr Leonard with the usual tech skills like labwork, blood draws, and other procedures.  She will be filling Debbie’s seat while Debbie is out several weeks for surgery, and after the first of the year we  will be making some changes in scheduling to allow Dr Leonard to see more patients while Pam is finishing with patients in our treatment area.  We hope this will allow more of you to get appointments at your preferred times.  Stop by sometime to say Hi!

Second, we have now signed up with CareCredit  (click to apply) due to favorable changes in the way they charge clinics for the privilege.  We can help you get signed up if you are interested- it is basically a Visa card you use to pay for veterinary, medical, or dental care at participating facilities.  They offer some interest-free payment plans and can give you the flexibility to space out paying for larger veterinary bills over 6 months or longer.  If you’re interested, call and ask Debbie to explain how it works to you.  Those of you already in the program can now use your card at our clinic.

Finally, the most exciting news for you!  We now have partnered with Vet’s First Choice online pharmacy.  On our website there is a button you can click on the home page, and I plan to also add a tab under the Resources button at the top of the page.  Alternatively, you can click here to start your account:

We encourage you to do so NOW, so that anytime you need a prescription refilled, your account is ready and waiting to simplify the process.  Don’t worry about ordering prescriptions, we actually prefer to do that for you so that if you accidentally choose an incorrect size or brand there won’t be multiple steps for us to correct it, then for you to get the email about the correction, etc.  But if there are non-prescription items you use frequently, you may want to search and see if they are available, as this may be a more cost-effective and convenient way for you to acquire them.  We can also assist you in signing up at our clinic anytime, and would be happy to do so particularly with clients who have ongoing prescriptions.  Those of you with pets on thyroid, Proin, Rx Vitamins supplements, heartworm prevention, flea prevention, common prescription veterinary diets, phenobarbital, or pain medications that will need refills on a regular basis should definitely take advantage of this program.  Benefits include the option for autoship, reminder emails to refill, and shipment right to your door.  Orders over $49 or on autoship have NO shipping charges.  This company has TWO security certifications so you are safe in ordering online with them. 

Bear in mind that prescription medications (but not supplements, flea control, etc) will still need to be approved by our clinic, but we will be checking several times daily to verify these so you can get your order promptly.  We are very excited to be able to offer this, as it will expand our options of items to prescribe to help keep your pets healthy without our staff needing to take care of increased inventory.  Everyone will benefit!  Ordering is basically like ordering anything else online, with the exception that we will have to OK prescription refills before they can be shipped.  Do remember the same rules will apply as far as re-check examinations or testing as if we were filling onsite.  We hope you are as excited as we are to take advantage of this new way to obtain your pet’s regular medical needs without needing to come to our clinic for refills.  Not that we don’t want to see you, but we’re always trying to help make positive changes for our clients in terms of their pet’s care.  So click on the link NOW and get started!


Upcoming Dates of Interest: 

Massage appointments for your dog are available on November 11 and December 16.

Dr Leonard will be out of the office Friday, October 21 and Friday, November 4.  We will close early the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and will be closed until the following Monday morning.  We will be closing early December 23 and won’t be open for appointments until Monday, January 2, although Dr Leonard will be able to respond to phone messages during that time.  We hope you’ll all have wonderful holidays!

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