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Our New Wellness Plans can help you budget Veterinary Expenses!

At WHPC we understand that the cost of veterinary care can sometimes be overwhelming.  We offer several options for wellness plans that can help spread out the cost of care over an entire year.  Each plan pays for a specific value of services that your pet may receive and we can help guide you to the level of plan most appropriate for your pet. If you dread that “annual visit” due to the large bill, this is a way to ease the pain in your pocketbook.

How does it work? A set monthly bank transfer occurs for 12 months, applied to any services or purchases during that period, and includes a 10% discount on medications and supplements.  We encourage you to ask our receptionist about our wellness plans on your next visit!  These plans are a GREAT way to make sure your pet gets the recommended care to keep them healthy without having to pay a large bill all at once.  

Each wellness plan also includes unlimited phone consultations or emails with Dr Leonard.    Any services received during the year can be applied to the plan until the total amount of the plan has been used, at which time your account will revert to pay-as-you-go.  If you run out of Wellness Plan pre-payment before the year is out, the 10% discount for goods will still be applied throughout the 12-month enrolled period.

To enroll, our client will pay the first month’s payment, provide us with a voided check for our bank’s needs, and sign a contract for the 12- month payment period.  The total amount of the plan will be applied to their account as one virtual payment, and each monthly bank withdrawal will go towards covering that amount.  Services provided will “use up” part of that annual amount until it is gone.  Any and all services we provide will be applied to the plan–there are no limits other than the total dollar amount!  We can even look at what you spent previously in our records to help guide you to the best plan.

Wellness Plan Options:

Following is a listing of examples of services each plan is designed to cover, just to provide an idea of what you can get for your money.  Remember, you are not required to use the plan for these services.  This listing is provided to give you an idea what the plan CAN cover.

First Year 

(puppy or kitten under 16 weeks when enrolled): 3 -4 vaccines (distemper, parvo, feline distemper, etc),  1 rabies vaccine, 1 heartworm or feline leukemia test, 2 nail trims, 1 fecal exam for parasites, 1 deworming, monthly heartworm and/or flea product (+10% discount), 2 chiropractic evaluations, 4 physical exams (one with each vaccine), 1 nutritional or behavior/training consult: $55/month

Bronze Plan

 (well-pet or young-adult dog or cat): 2 complete physical exams, 2 chiropractic evaluations with adjustments, 1 heartworm test, heartworm and/or flea product (+10% discount), Vaccine Titer measurement (dog), Rabies vaccine or Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine, or feline leukemia vaccine, 2 nail trims: $40/month

Silver Plan 

(multiple pets, senior pets or those with more complex health issues):  3 chiropractic evaluations with needed adjustments, 3 complete physical exams, 2 blood tests for organ function, Heartworm or urine test, Heartworm and/or flea product (+10% discount), Vaccine antibody titer measurement (dog), 1 vaccination (rabies, Bordetella, feline leukemia, distemper), 2 nail trims, Nutritional/behavioral/quality of life consult: $75/month

Holistic only 

(for patients who prefer to use another vet for routine care and us only for holistic options): 3 chiropractic evaluations and needed adjustments, 6 acupuncture treatments; 3 cold laser treatments for pain, initial acupuncture boosts, or wounds; Nutritional or quality of life consult, 1 Comprehensive exam  (includes chiropractic, physical, and Chinese medical exam), Supplements/pain meds (+10% discount): $75/month

Some benefits of enrolling in a health plan such as this are to space out payments over an entire year, even if you get most of these services in only a few visits, to get the 10% discount on all supplements and medications (or even treats or food!), and to help your family budget veterinary services more easily.

Patients that most benefit from these plans are:

  1. First year puppies and kittens due to the increased number of visits to get all their early vaccinations and parasite control. We could also do a holistic post-surgery package after they are spayed or neutered.
  2. Older pets just diagnosed with arthritis or other chronic issues. Starting acupuncture requires multiple visits, and care for many senior pet issues will be life-long.  Many are also going to be on more than one medication or supplement which will be an ongoing expense.  Regular bloodwork or other lab testing is also often required.
  3. Those with chronic issues like recurrent bladder or skin infections, ear infections, and allergies. Many of these patients need multiple re-evaluations, supplements, and nutritional consultations to discover the appropriate treatment path.
  4. Pets belonging to families that find paying for a big veterinary bill once or twice a year a challenge, or undesirable for their budgeting goals. Even a healthy pet needs at least an annual examination, vaccinations or titer, heartworm test, heartworm prevention, and possibly chiropractic, nail trims, or other services.  This can add up to several hundred dollars in some cases.  Being able to pay for it over 12 months can really help with a budget plan.

Feel free to ask about our health plans at your next visit!


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