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Garlic, Heartworms, Missing Link

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Updates:  I currently have regular Missing Link supplement for dogs on sale.  This is a flax seed based  (high omega fatty acids) freeze-dried powdered product you can sprinkle on your pet’s food.  There are numerous plant-based ingredients, kelp, B-vitamins, and much more for anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and nutritional benefits.  This product will ease skin and ear inflammation, improve the shine of the haircoat, and give your pet energy!  The date on the bag is the end of March this year, hence the sale.  Since they are vacuum-packed in foil they are still good for a few more months.  I am charging $12 per one pound bag, instead of the regular price of $18.  You can store these in your freezer and they should be good until the end of the year.  Please note this is not the product with Glucosamine—that is still $29.  I have used Missing Link on my dogs for nearly 10 years and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product!

Improving health:  While I am obviously always looking for holistic alternatives to conventional medicine, there is one medicine your pet absolutely should receive. That is a heartworm preventative.  There are no holistic alternatives proven to prevent heartworm infection which is passed through mosquitoes from dog to dog.  These larvae pass into the bloodstream and set up housekeeping inside the chambers of the heart, ultimately leading to respiratory problems and heart failure.  A simple blood test can check to make sure your pet is not already infected, then monthly preventative is almost 100% guaranteed to keep it from being a problem, as long as you remember to give it!  Dogs are most susceptible, but the preventative is available for cats as well and is highly recommended for outdoor cats.  They should be started on this product ASAP as mosquitoes will make an appearance very soon.  If you are concerned about the chemicals in the bloodstream, you can ask me about de-tox products for your pet to minimize problems, but the product is very safe.  The treatment if your pet gets heartworms, not so much.  If you find your pet DOES have heartworms, contact me about how we can adjust the diet or supplement to minimize side-effects from treatment.

Health News:  Over the years I have often been asked if feeding your dog garlic will help with flea control.  Conventional medicine said “no” so that was usually my answer.  However, I tried a product last year said to repel flies from my horses.  This granulated garlic powder noticeably decreased the number of flies around my horses and barn.  They were not completely eliminated, but an 80% reduction or so was a blessed relief!  So I started my dog on the company’s garlic tablets (I crumble them into his breakfast as he’s a picky eater).  By late summer, I had stopped using the topical Frontline flea and tick control and saw NO fleas or ticks on him that year.  He is an Italian Greyhound with a very short coat so they would have been quite noticeable.  Since we live in the country, usually fleas and ticks have been a real problem for us and the Frontline had always been a necessity.  While Garlic may not be enough for dogs with sensitivity to flea bites that lead to intense itching and hair loss, I think it is a valuable and natural alternative.  Be warned you can NOT use Garlic in cats as it may lead to anemia.  Check it out here:  Bug-Off Garlic from

I am shamelessly soliciting testimonials of how acupuncture has helped your pet for my website—feel free to send me an email!  I can also use pictures of your pet if it is not already in the Gallery—check it out!  Or I can take a picture with my own camera next time I treat—just remind me.  If you haven’t yet checked out the new website, I encourage you to do so.  If there is something you’d like to see added please let me know.

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