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Christmas Gift Ideas for your Pets

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Pets

This is a sampling of gifts and goodies your pet might enjoy

Most of the below are available at our office!  Those that are not will have an “*”.

Honest Kitchen sample cups:

If you’re wondering if your dogs would like a human-grade dehydrated food, we do have a couple of flavors in single-serve size back in our retail area.  You can always mix just a bite or two as a mix-in for a treat as well!

Missing Link powder:

A great general supplement that can be used life-long.  This product is flax seed based and contains great anti-inflammatory or health-promoting ingredients like glucosamine, yucca shidigera, and B vitamins.  Helps promote a shiny coat, healthy joints, and good energy levels in all ages of pets.  Dr Leonard starts puppies on this and uses it throughout her dogs’ lives to prevent arthritis in her champion agility dogs. 

Inaba or TikiCat treats:

Many cats go NUTS for these!  See the video recently of our office cat on our Facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/WholeHealthPetCenter/videos/10157638093929757/

These small tubes of meat paste are easy to offer your cats, come in many flavors, and can also be a great way to get powdered supplements or medications into your cat. Some cats insist on one every day once they’ve been introduced to them.

Clicker (and training book*):

Positive reinforcement training methods using a clicker to mark good behaviors is a great way to interact with your pet and teach fun tricks.   There are several good books on the subject, and likely Youtube videos as well.  We sell the clickers near the front desk.  Great gift for teens looking to train the family dog!

Quick-Stop Powder and nail clippers*:

Before trimming nails yourself (see our upcoming January newsletter!), be sure to have Quick-stop on hand to stop bleeding if you accidentally get one too short.

Dental care kit: toothbrush, enzyme poultry flavored toothpaste, and Periosupport powder:

Buy all three and give your pet the gift of healthy teeth for Christmas!  We’re also happy to offer advice on how to train your pet to allow tooth brushing.  The Periosupport is a powder you can sprinkle on their food to slow the progression of dental tartar buildup and gingivitis.

Honest Kitchen goat’s milk powdered supplements:

Egg Nog and Pumpkin Spice flavors: Small canisters you can mix with water and pour over your pet’s food just for fun. Although their ingredients can be very beneficial to the GI tract and help with holiday tummy troubles as well!

Greenies Pill Pockets in three flavors if your pet is on daily medications:

We have chicken, peanut butter, and hickory smoke flavor pill pockets.  These are soft, moldable pouches you can shape around a pill or capsule and offer to your pet as a treat.  These treats are also balanced and healthy with natural ingredients!

Pure Bites single ingredient freeze-dried treats.

Dogs who love the treats in our exam room would probably love to get some for Christmas!  For dogs, we have liver and cheese treats. For cats, we have shrimp, chicken and catnip.

Calming supplements including pheromone sprays, liquid and capsule herbals, and chewy treats.

Great for pets that are anxious while traveling, boarded, or when people are visiting their home and disrupting their usual schedule.  Also good for noise phobias and introductions to other pets.

Brownie Mix:

Yes, it’s a pet-safe “brownie” mix you put meat into!  Dogs LOVE this stuff, and we’re down to our last three bags.   Our supplier no longer carries this product so if you want to try it, come in soon because once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Primal pet foods and Edible Elixirs:

come browse our freezer case!  We have marrow bones, bone broth, goat’s milk, and frozen or freeze-dried Primal pet food products including three flavors of “smoothie”.  All kinds of great stuff!

First Aid Kits:

we still have a few of these available.  These are kits put together by Dr Leonard that are handy if you travel or camp with your pet or just to have on hand in case of minor incidents.  These contain some extras like a homeopathic remedy that you won’t find in commercially available kits. 

We also have Indigo Wild Zum products of several kinds, numerous joint supplements and anti-diarrheal medications your pets may need to have regularly or keep on hand, and other gift ideas.  Come in anytime during our business hours and we’ll be happy to talk to you about what we have!

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