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Directory of Helpful Websites

Doc Sandi had a good time at the NADAC Agility Championships in Gillette, WY with both of her dogs.  This was their first championship experience.  Her older dog, Tally, was only one place out of finals, and her younger dog’s team was in 4th in their division.  Both out of the ribbons, but still a good performance!  They are glad to be home. Thanks to our clients who trusted our selection of a relief vet who did a great job filling in!  Doc Sandi will be out of the office Friday, October 12 and 19, and November 2 and 9 for dog shows.  We are open on those days from 9-3 for purchases or calls. 

Directory of Helpful Websites: 

In this month’s newsletter, we thought it would be helpful to provide a single source of links to the many websites and our own newsletters that we frequently refer our clients to for more information. 

Pet Food Purchases and nutrition references:

Chewy: Once a good source of high quality foods, several good brands have dropped out after purchase of this company by PetsMart.  However, they do still have some decent foods and their shipping and service are excellent:

Jet: This company does carry Orijen, Acana, and other high quality foods.

Dog Food Advisor: This website is very educational  in comparison of different food ingredient lists and gives a 1-5 star rating of quality that we generally agree with.  You can search for your dog food, see the ingredients, and see how this website rates the food.  It’s a great place to compare different foods you are considering.

PetCo: In terms of large local stores, we find PetCo carries the best selection of quality foods.  If it’s a food they carry, you can order it here to be shipped to you.

Newsletter:  Dr Leonard has written a newsletter talking about food selection tips and offering help in reading ingredient lists  You can find it here:

Health Information:

Dr Jean Dodds: Dr Dodds owns the Hemopet and Nutriscan labs and frequently writes in her blog about various holistic health concerns, particularly vaccinations, thyroid, and nutrition issues.

Dr Ron Schultz: Currently one of the foremost authorities in immunity in dogs and doing a large-scale rabies vaccination study, Dr Schultz is a great resource if you are interested in learning about canine vaccinations.  There are numerous places online to read about his views if you search his name.  Here is one:

Mercola and Dr Karen Becker: Dr Becker frequently lectures at veterinary conferences, particularly on nutrition.  Her blog is a great resource.

Of course, Dr Leonard has written many newsletters on specific health topics.  Feel free to browse through years of newsletters here:


Handicapped Pets Assistance devices:

Eddie’s Wheels: A source of carts and wheelchairs for pets, custom made.  Used are available.

Walkin Wheels: Also a source of wheelchairs. These are adjustable but not custom, so are a bit cheaper.

Help Em Up: One of the best and most ergonomic harnesses to help dogs with mobility issues available.

Our own newsletter: Solutions for Handicapped Pets:

Chewy and Amazon also have some harnesses and such for sale.

Geriatric Pets advice and assistance:

Our newsletter from January offers much advice on changes in senior pets:

As does the AVMA:

And Pet MD:

And the American Animal Hospital Association:

Finding holistic vets or animal chiropractors in other geographic areas: If you are moving, or have friends not in our area that are searching for holistic care for their pet, these are searchable websites to help you out.

AVCA: American Veterinary Chiropractic Association:

IVCA: International Veterinary Chiropractic Association:

AHVMA: American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association:

Ordering prescription refills, supplements, and even non-prescription items and some foods:

Vet’s First Choice Pharmacy: This is a pharmacy linked to our clinic.  Purchasing from them is just like purchasing from our clinic except they ship to your home and they have a larger selection.  If you prefer a flea and tick or heartworm prevention we don’t carry, you can find it here.  They also carry Honest Kitchen, most of the line of the Rx Vitamin supplements we favor, pheromone products, and more.  You just open an account, like you would with Amazon.  Do be aware prescription items have to be approved by Dr Leonard so may not be shipped immediately.  We recommend ordering a week before you need them.

Kansas City area dog trainers:

Having a well-trained dog is one of the most valuable ways to assure the pet remains in the home for life.  Behavior problems are one of the most common reasons for people to give a pet to a shelter.  Here are some trainers and training facilities we recommend:

Mike Deathe, K.I.S.S. dog training:

Lewis and Clarke Canine Coaching:

D.O.G. dog obedience group in Blue Springs:

All-Star Dog Sports between Blue Springs and Lee’s Summit, especially for agility:

Greater Kansas City Dog Training Club:

And of course, you can always ask Dr Leonard for advice if you have behavioral concerns.

And finally, our business online links to various social pages:

Facebook:  (have you Liked our page?)

Yelp: (we love good reviews!):

CareCredit: not really a social page, but we do accept Care Credit and you can apply here:


We’re also on Google Plus as you’ll see on the right side of your screen if you search for Whole Health Pet Center on Google. 







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