Wednesday, Aug. 3rd 2016

Treats, massage appointments, dog training books, and more!

August 2016 Newsletter

Well, I couldn’t come up with any big topics for this month. I think the heat has sapped my creativity. So I’ll just use a lot of little topics.

New KC Canine Dog Treats Made here in Kansas City from USDA-approved human-grade muscle meat, these treats come in five flavors to suit any dog. A soft jerky-style treat, it’s easy to break off small pieces for training or use a whole stick as a special prize for your dog. These are popular treats among agility handlers and dog trainers in the area. You can buy a larger pack or individual sticks. Come check them out!

Canine Massage Appointments The remaining doggie massage dates at our clinic for the rest of the year have been chosen. Call our office to make an appointment with Michelle Sickles for your pampered pet today. Older dogs will love the muscle relaxation, and all dogs will love the attention. The appointments are currently available on September 2, October 7, November 11, and December 16.

Office Hour Changes/Doctor Unavailable This year, Doc Sandi and Debbie will both be attending the Central Veterinary Conference for continuing education so we will NOT be open for appointments during this conference. These dates are August 26 through 29. Dr Leonard will not be in the office Friday, September 2, 16, and 30 as well. We are also going to be closed on Labor Day. We have been somewhat busier the last month or so. If that continues, we just want to remind you to call for appointments several days prior to when you need one, if possible, to have the most appointment time options.

Books on Dog Training One of the area dog trainers we recommend in Kansas City is Mike Deathe with K.I.S.S. Dog Training. He offers private in-home evaluations and also classes in several locations around the KC Metro. We wanted to let you know he has written several books about different dog training topics that are available on Dr Leonard has read his Ravings of a Long-Haired Dog Trainer and really enjoyed it. Mr Deathe offers a free PDF copy of his books if you will read one and leave a review on Amazon, or you can just buy a copy for yourself. If you are interested in reviewing a book for the free copy, contact Dr Leonard and she will put you in touch. The books do a good job of explaining positive dog training methods in a light-hearted way.

NutriFlex Supplement One of Dr Sandi’s favorite supplements lately is the RX Vitamins for Pets Nutriflex. This product has demonstrated its usefulness in our practice for skin, joint, and digestive problems, and even bladder problems! Cartilage –protecting ingredients include glucosamine, chondroitin, and sea cucumber. Anti-inflammatory ingredients are boswellia, ginger, curcumin (from turmeric), bromelain enzyme, and yucca. Other ingredients provide connective tissue nutritional support, including Vitamin C, calcium, copper, zinc, magnesium, and manganese. This supplement has been shown to aid in healing or protection of joints, ligaments, bladder infection or inflammation including feline lower urinary tract disease, and chronic pain. If you feel your pet’s condition may benefit from the supplement, ask about it the next time your pet is examined.

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