Friday, Dec. 9th 2016

2016 Holiday hours, Giving Tree, Holiday Hazards

Holiday Hours:  We’d like to remind you we are closing at noon on December 23rd and will NOT be open until the Monday after New Year’s.  Please save calls for appointments, refills, etc until we are open, but if you have questions or concerns about a pet, please call and leave a message.  Dr Leonard will be visiting family out of state but will return calls as soon as possible.  Remember in an emergency to contact Blue Pearl or Mission Med Vet.

Giving Tree:  Just a reminder that donations to our Christmas giving tree will reward you with a warm fuzzy feeling and $5 off your next visit.  We are accepting donations for Lakeside Nature Center.  Old washcloths, towels, fleece blankets, plastic coffee or large ice cream buckets, bird seed, other animal food, even bags of acorns or walnuts are welcome.  We will be accepting donations through the first week of January.

Massage Appointments:  Next Friday, the 16th, our Canine Massage Therapist will be here.  There are still a couple of MORNING appointments available, starting about 9:30 a.m.  If you’d like to snag one of these for your dog, please call 816-331-1868 for an appointment.

Online Pharmacy:  Just a quick reminder about our online pharmacy.  This is available through links in several places on our clinic website (, on the orange and white cat picture about half-way down the home page, under the Resources tab, under the Product Links in Resources, and through links in our last couple of newsletters.  This pharmacy operates similarly to but is specifically for pet prescriptions, supplements, parasite control, and similar products.  You set up a personal account and can request prescription refills or order other products to be sent directly to you.  Shipping is free for orders over $49 and for any order set up as an AutoShip.  This is a great way to get refills in a timely manner when your pet is on long-term medications like thyroid supplements, Proin for urinary control, joint supplements, heartworm prevention, etc.  One of the common heartworm medications even allows you to order a single dose to autoship each month at the time you need to give it—you don’t even need to remember it yourself, just give it when it comes!  So far, our clients who have used this service have been very pleased with the results and we think those of you who live farther away will definitely love it.  If you have any questions about how to use it, just call and talk to Pam at the desk (816-331-1868) and she can even walk you through step by step as you sit at your computer.

Holiday Hazards:  Remember to keep your pet away from these things during the holiday season:  high-fat foods, chocolate, tinsel, onions, fragile ornaments, xylitol artificial sweetener, poinsettias, mistletoe, lilies, string and ribbons they can swallow (watch that turkey string!), cooked bones, alcoholic beverages, ice-melt salt (except the “pet-safe” kind), and anything they have shown a tendency to try to eat in the past that they shouldn’t.  I’m looking at YOU, Labradors, Goldens, and Pitties!

Debbie’s new knee seems to be functional.  She’s still not going to be allowed to drive herself for a few weeks but we hope to have her back behind the reception counter by the first of the year.

Everyone have a wonderful holiday season!  See you next year!  Doc Sandi, Debbie, and Pam (and Beau)

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