• Itchy Pets and Product Spotlights

    Product spotlights: We are carrying some new products in our clinic!  In addition to our Primal raw and freeze-dried raw foods and goat’s milk, take a look at these! 1-TDC is a fatty acid supplement that has a dual action. The gel caps can...

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  • Back to School Tips and Clinic Updates

    Back to School Safety --for dogs and kids! It’s time for the kids to go back to school! We have a few tips to make this transition easier for both the kids AND the pets. 1. Watch out for open doors and gates. Remind the kids to pay attention to where...

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  • Canine Influenza, New Products, Raw Food

      Raw Food: We are considering adding frozen raw food to our retail store section.  These foods are difficult to find in our area, and ordering online usually involves a wait, shipping cost, and sometimes difficulty finding a source among...

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  • Traveling With Your Pet

    Traveling with your Pet:  Summer is here and with it comes family vacations and trips to the lake!  If you like to take your pet along with you, here are some tips and things to think about when you plan your trip. Emergency Information: Many...

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  • Client Portal, New Products, and Heartworms

    New Products:  Highlighted this month is a new addition to our retail store.  Dr Leonard has loved the Missing Link line of products for over 20 years.  Their Missing Link Plus powder is a great supplement to reduce inflammation and help...

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  • Why Whole Health Pet Center?

    Why Whole Health Pet Center? Important Dates for your attention: Canine Massage Therapy, March 21 and June 2.  Please call 816-331-1868 to get your dog scheduled for a half-hour of gentle massage to loosen sore muscles and remove toxins Dr Leonard...

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  • CSA Information, Senior Well Checks, important notices

    We have several things we hope will interest you this month!  CSA Information, Senior Well Checks and other important information! CSA Informational meeting:  A local group out of Lee’s Summit will be at Whole Health Pet Center on March 9...

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  • Lab Testing, Appointment Scheduling, and Events

    Blood, Pee, and other Wonderful Tools OK, yes, we vets maybe look at bodily fluids a little differently than the average person.  But this month we wanted to share with you the importance of laboratory testing on your pet and why we vets take such an...

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  • How are we different from other vets?

    Welcome to 2017!  We hope to make this year the healthiest yet for your pets.  Would you like to help? Here are some descriptions of some of the services our clinic offers that differ from the traditional veterinary clinic, and what kind of patients...

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  • 2016 Holiday hours, Giving Tree, Holiday Hazards

    Holiday Hours:  We’d like to remind you we are closing at noon on December 23rd and will NOT be open until the Monday after New Year’s.  Please save calls for appointments, refills, etc until we are open, but if you have questions or concerns about...

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