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  • Budget-friendly Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy

    Budget-friendly ways to keep your pet healthy We know all expenses just keep going up. Veterinary care is no exception. However, it is our pleasure to offer you some ways you can help keep your pet healthier without breaking the bank. 1. Less food....

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  • Your pet’s Healthiest Self

    Welcome to 2019!  Did You Know?  How we help your pet be their healthiest self… There are things we can do to help you keep your pet as their healthiest self and well cared for that you may not have thought of.  First, we recommend...

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  • Physical Examinations and Lab Testing — why they are important for your pet

    The Importance of the Physical Exam:  Some people may question why we require a complete physical examination before any vaccination or anesthetic procedure.    Despite appearances based on cheap vaccination clinics, we consider...

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  • Directory of Helpful Websites

    Doc Sandi had a good time at the NADAC Agility Championships in Gillette, WY with both of her dogs.  This was their first championship experience.  Her older dog, Tally, was only one place out of finals, and her younger dog’s team was in 4th...

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  • Cruciate Ligament tears in dogs and upcoming events

    Cranial Cruciate Ligament Tears in Dogs     Joint Health and Cranial Cruciate Tears Quiz time!  What is the most common orthopedic (bone/joint) injury in dogs?  OK, you already had a clue in the title.  It’s a Cranial (or...

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  • The Connection between Grain-free Diets and Heart Disease in dogs

    Grain-Free Diets and Heart Disease in Dogs Lately, there has been an uproar in the dog community.  A researcher has discovered a link between a heart disease called dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs and grain-free diets.  The diets implicated...

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  • Pet Travel and Heat Safety

    Pet Travel Checklist: If you’re traveling with your pet this summer, here are some ideas of items to take that may be needed. 1. Collar, ID tags and/or microchip, leash. 2. Crate or safety harness. 3.Blanket and favorite toys 4. Water, food, treats,...

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  • Pet Anxiety Relief

    Canine Massage: Our next day to have To the Point Canine Massage here is June 29.  You must call to make an appointment if you’d like your pup to receive this very beneficial therapy.  Appointments are for 20- 30 minutes and Michelle is great...

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  • Dental Disease and Tooth Care in Pets

    Events: We still plan to have our canine massage therapist in our office May 18 but we will have to cancel if we can’t fill up her appointment slots.  Massage is very beneficial to all pets, but our older dogs with joint stiffness and lameness...

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  • Pets and Pot: is CBD Oil safe for my pet?

    Events and Announcements:   Dr. Leonard will be out of the office April 20, 27, and May 4.  Depending on our staffing situation, we will either be open for limited hours (usually 9-3 for purchases and phone calls only), or closed for the...

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