• Litter Box Problems in Cats

    First, let’s get some housekeeping out of the way.  Keep this handy if you think your pet might need to come see us around the holidays.  We will use the following holiday hours: Close early November 25, probably around 4, and won’t reopen until...

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  • Pet Selection Process

    The Pet Selection Process So you are thinking about getting a pet.  There are some questions you should ask yourself before committing to life-long care of another living being.  Do I really want/need a pet? If you travel frequently, have time-consuming...

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  • Renavast, Cooling Foods, and Homemade Pill Pockets

    Homemade Pill Pockets:  One of our clients has a very small dog that gets several medications every day.   She doesn’t like to use the over-the-counter pill pockets because they are so large so she came up with a recipe for her own which she generously...

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  • Our Preferred Business Partners

    This month I thought I would share with you all some information we frequently hand out to our clients.  Since we are so often handing out this contact information, we thought it might be helpful to just put it all in one place where anyone can reference...

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  • Microchip Identification for your Pet, upcoming events

    Pet Identification Microchip Q and A’s Why should my pet have a microchip?  If your pet ever goes outdoors or travels, or if there is a possibility it could accidentally slip out a door or under the fence (and isn’t that most pets?), there is a...

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  • Flea and Tick Control, Training Tips, and Vaccination Exams

    Flea and Tick Control What are your options? Aren’t we having a lovely spring?  Hope all your pets are enjoying it as well.  Don’t forget if storms cause anxiety, we have a great herbal product called NutriCalm available.  And remember to get...

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  • Heartworm Disease, Cloudy Eyes, and Upcoming Events

    Heartworm Disease and Prevention A question I often get in my practice is my recommendation for the use of monthly heartworm prevention.  I think it’s time to explain fully about how heartworms are transmitted and their effects, the current state...

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  • Pet Food Selection Tips

    LIMITED HOURS MARCH 12-13 Altered Hours in the second week of March!  Just want everyone to know that Dr Leonard is attending a chiropractic continuing education seminar March 12-15.  Debbie will still be in the office 1-5 Thursday and 9-3 Friday so...

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  • Vaccinations and Immunity, Upcoming Events, and Chiropractic Special

    Events: Canine Massage with Michelle Sickles: February 27 and March 28. By appointment, call 816-331-1868.  As always, this service benefits older pets, those with pain or stiffness, athletic pets, or just those who deserve a special treat because you...

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  • Canine Massage, Weight Loss, and Dental Care at Whole Health Pet Center

    Welcome to the New Year!  We are hoping here at Whole Health Pet Center to see continued growth in our practice as we teach our clients more ways to keep their pets healthy.  Thanks to all of you who referred new clients last year! If you haven’t...

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